Aragon One withdraws 'Merge ANJ into ANT' proposal

After careful consideration, we are withdrawing our proposal to merge ANJ and ANT.

We intend to put another proposal to a vote, but only after the community has ample time to review, provide feedback, and achieve rough consensus on its content.

The bonding curve will remain paused while the community decides how to proceed.

We should acknowledge that our proposal received overwhelming support from ANT holders before being withdrawn, but as its authors, we are not comfortable proceeding with its implementation without giving more time for the community to evaluate it.

Thanks again to everyone who voiced their concerns, we’re extremely proud of your diligence.

We have a lot of important work to do and we’re stoked to get it done, together.

See you in forum threads!

Jorge :eagle:

PS: We’re holding a town hall today at 7:00pm CEST for the community to ask us questions about the withdrawn proposal and the future of Aragon Court and ANJ.


Does the withdrawal of the proposal mean that ANJ can always exist?

I am a newbie in Aragon. From my perspective - it is always good to have a single token for one network / community regardless of its various initiatives. Tokens are a means of Coordination of its participants & community members. Price of a token is just a speculative side effect of the overall value addition to the network that is created by growing adoption and participation. In order to grow adoption it is always good idea to keep things simple, uniform and less ambiguous for newbies. I am in favour of having a single token regardless of economic interest. Economics will work anyway if adoption grows. I hodl both ANT & ANJ but still not sure which one to use where most effectively. Sorry, I am still a noob.

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