Aragon One product scope for 0.7.x

Here I’ll detail A1’s take on the minor releases that will pave the way for 0.8.


Release date: May 16th (shipped :white_check_mark:)

Compact address badges

Implement a compact version of the address badge, so there aren’t huge badges displayed next to normal text.

Custom labels sharing

Users will be able to share their custom labels by just sharing a link.

Granular export of custom labels

Users will be able to granularly select the custom labels they want to export or share.

Help system

  • Use Help Scout to offer users relevant docs and also possibility to open tickets or chat.
  • Create a knowledge base with very well structured documentation about the different features of the apps

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Release date: May 30th (shipped :white_check_mark:)

Help system with contextual help

  • Adapt Help Scout to display contextual articles. E.g. articles on how to use the Token Manager when the user is in the Token Manager.

Loading indicators and caching

Say goodbye to the app being loaded, but not seeing any state until a couple minutes after. That’s very confusing, you never know if the DAO is empty of the app is still loading.
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Release date: June 14th (shipped :white_check_mark:)

Identities autocomplete

Autocomplete the identities when tying into address inputs, by getting the local identities saved in the browser.

Customizable menu bar / app instance labels

Instance names like ANT (50%) are not very informative. We need to let DAOs and users modify those.

Action items

  • Treat them as custom labels, display label in menu
  • Decide if we want to implement the past design or a different one