Aragon One product scope for 0.7.x


There are some things that didn’t go into the 0.7 scope but are important enough to include in a follow-up release.

I’ll detail my take on 0.7.1 and 0.7.2, which I think should be the two releases before 0.8.


Timeline: First week of May

Help system

  • Use Help Scout to offer users relevant docs and also possibility to open tickets or chat.
  • Create a knowledge base with very well structured documentation about the different features of the apps

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Permissions UX enhancements

Aragon permissions are what makes Aragon great and fundamentally different from old-school legal entities.

However, being quite a new paradigm, users struggle. We have collected great user feedback, and it feels like it’s time to enhance their UX.

Identities autocomplete

Autocomplete the identities when tying into address inputs, by getting the local identities saved in the browser.


Timeline: Last week of May

Finance app features

There are a couple features that are present in the smart contracts, but without a UI for them:

  • Per-token budgeting
  • Recurrent transactions

Loading indicators and caching

Say goodbye to the app being loaded, but not seeing any state until a couple minutes after. That’s very confusing, you never know if the DAO is empty of the app is still loading.
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I think those 4 features make 0.7.1 and 0.7.2 great releases.