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:eagle: Flock Grant $4,837,000 ($4,000k + 1,675k ANT)

Aragon One is a Swiss company formed by the founders of the [Aragon project](, building the tools and community necessary for the project to succeed.

The company is funded primarily through grants given by the Aragon Association, the non-profit steward of the Aragon project.

Aragon One is the founding team of the Aragon project and has been working on its development since the beginning. The team intends to continue the work on the project.

To cover our operation costs and continue creating a thriving Aragon ecosystem, Aragon One requests:

  • $4 million paid in DAI (or other stable assets) for 2019, for operational costs.
  • 1,675,000 ANT vested over the next 4 years, for the long-term incentivization of the current team and future employees.

What have they built?

see Roadmap

Who’s using it?

Notable projects using the team’s products goes here.

What are they currently working on?

Team’s latest project goes here.

Other interesting info

Interesting stuff about the team or their projects goes here.