Aragon on Substrate/Polkadot?

I’d like to extend the tradable donuts that were briefly debuted on /r/ethtrader into a fully decentralized system. This involves research into market based on-chain voting mechanisms, web2/web3 data bridges/oracles, and community incentivization/engagement models. I also like building stuff in Rust, which pretty much means a Substrate prototype. I just heard that Aragon might be exploring transitioning to Polkadot/Substrate as well. Where can I learn more about Aragon on Substrate/Polkadot and what that might look like for building and hacking on things? Thanks :slight_smile:

For reference, here’s an FAQ on tradeable donuts:

AFAIK there is nothing official as of yet except that it is being explored and there was a call for teams to apply to Flock that could build the chain :slight_smile:

Well there was an official announcement at the Aracon keynote, but are you implying that the core Aragon team isn’t doing it and is looking to outsource that to other dev teams as an initial test?

@burrrata the Aragon One AGP shows that no immediate engineering work will be done on a sidechain implementation. Also, I might be biased, but Flock teams aren’t necessarily a way to “try out” for Aragon One or outsource work, but are actually considered peer entities to Aragon One. This makes sense, since it’d be easier to implement this by bringing on an independent team of blockchain engineers who are passionate about the project, rather than recruiting a small team into Aragon One that’d be mostly working on their own anyway, due to the nature of their work.


If you watch the end of my presentation which is now online, you will see that I don’t even treat it as an announcement, just talk about it as one of the 3 scalability paths we are working on in parallel.

As it is already mentioned in this thread, Aragon One is doing some of the initial research (I am actually writing a high-level description of how I see the chain operating now), but we have decided that we won’t be leading the implementation of it (as we would need to hire a lot of different talent from the current team’s strengths). The main reason for me mentioning it in my presentation was giving it as much visibility as we could, in order for Flock proposals from teams that could build the chain.

Aragon One’s most important priority for 2019 is launching the first version of the Aragon Network on Ethereum, apart from continuing to improve the client in many ways.


Gotcha. What’s the best way to stay up to date on that?

I will link it in this thread when ready


Sounds good. Thanks :slight_smile: