Aragon News DAO

I was thinking about a News site fucused on Aragon Network News and all relevant news which have a direct impact on the Aragon Network. It could look like with a “Learn” section and a “DAOs” section . The site is governed by the ANT holders and people can tip ANT to authors. I also liked the concept of vitalik and bitcoinmagazin when they hadn’t enough money so the author present half of the story and then people have donate x amount of ANT (uniswap automatic) and when it reached the threshold all people can read it for free. perhaps a % goes to the DAO to incentivise authors to write original content. I think this is a nice development from the aragon blog to Aragon News. The bigger aragon gets the more relevant news there will be because DAOs will rule the world. :wink: so then there will be specifice topic orianted News DAOs like Aragon Nature News DAO or Aragon Tech News DAO etc. The user just sees one more category (Nature / Tech etc.)

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