Aragon Network Vote #6 Megathread - Sunsetting the AGP process

Aragon Network Vote #6 is over :ballot_box:

Final results are in: ANT holders have voted YES to sunset the AGP process in preparation for Phase 3 of the Aragon Network launch.

Full blog post with details and next steps will be published soon!

Edit: blog post published here.

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One thing that I hope will be done better going forward is that everybody can and should express their opinion on votes. That most definitely includes you @luis and @jorge. You both currently have the best “high view” of what is best for the project so I am pretty sure your opinion matters a lot to ANT holders.

In the post regarding the dissolving of Flock grants is said the following that very much applies here: “Being able to assess the quality of the work requires a very large amount of context”.

For sure! This is working exactly the same way for predictions; they can only be as good as the context used to make them. ANT votes are essentially trying to predict what decision will lead to the best outcome. In other words, indeed, when ANT holders are expected to vote on stuff they have ridiculously low information about, the quality of the vote will tend to either low-quality, low-participation or both. I don’t believe ANT holders are here to do investigative work, only small questions if anything. ANT holders are the board and the executives must report to them so together they can steer the project properly.

We must find ways to keep ANT holders informed efficiently. This was important before but failure was an option given AA had the last word. It won’t be once we switch to phase 3.

These experiments were great, I have learned a lot and I’m sure others have too.



Exactly, it is key that the governance process for AN Phase 3 aligns incentives much better. A lot of learnings from the AGP experiment that we will incorporate into new proposals for the governance of the network!


The Association Review period for Aragon Network Vote #6 has concluded.

AGP-155: Sunsetting the AGP process now moves on to a vote by ANT holders, starting March 11th at 16:00 UTC.

Read the final details and how you can participate in the vote:

Is this still expected in Q2? Adjusting schedule slightly from Sept. post

AGPs will become Proposal Agreements in Phase 3 for the sovereign DAO to consider with delegated voting?

The ETA for Phase 3 is still up in the air, @jorge can provide a better estimate.

AGPs will become Proposal Agreements in Phase 3 for the sovereign DAO to consider with delegated voting?


As ANT holders consider transitioning to the next phase of Aragon Network governance in ANV-6, the Aragon Association has published a report reviewing Aragon Network Votes #1-5, by yours truly.

Let us know what you think!


On March 13, 2020 Aragon Network Vote #6 concluded.

Here are the final results and what’s next for the Aragon Network:

Happy to answer any questions about this!

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this report is fantastic! The level of detail and analysis is spot on. you did a great job with this @light. also that ANV dashboard is :fire:

Thanks Aaron! Yeah the D5 DAO did a great job putting together the dashboard.