Aragon Network Vote #3 Megathread

You can use this thread to discuss and ask any questions about the upcoming vote.

In addition to using this thread for discussions, we will also use the Aragon Governance page on the Wiki as the “single source of truth” for all important Aragon Governance Proposal (AGP) information and voting announcements. Any important updates will be linked there as soon as they’re announced through other official channels. So when in doubt, you can always check that page and have the most up-to-date info about the vote. The AGPs repo will still be used for submitting AGPs and used as a historical archive of AGPs and Aragon Association review votes, but the wiki will be the main place to look if there is any doubt about what the most up-to-date information is about an upcoming vote.

Important dates for the next Aragon Network Vote

These dates may change if an emergency delay is approved by the Aragon Association Board of Directors. Check the Aragon Governance page on the Wiki to confirm if you have any doubts.

Aragon Network Vote #3

  • Proposals for this vote are due, Aragon Association review begins: 2019-07-11 at 16:00 UTC

  • Aragon Association review ends, final community review begins: 2019-07-18 at 16:00 UTC

  • Aragon Network Vote #3 begins: 2019-07-25 at 16:00 UTC

  • Aragon Network Vote #3 ends, final results announced: 2019-07-27 at 16:00 UTC

Here are some important links to be aware of pertaining to the AGP process:

Any questions?

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Excited about ANV#3 :eagle::partying_face:


The Aragon Association review has concluded. Here are the proposals that ANT holders will vote on in Aragon Network Vote #3:


Bumping this thread - there is now one week left to submit proposals for Aragon Network Vote #3! See the previous post for links to discussions about proposals that are currently under consideration.

Ahead of Aragon Network Vote #3, we are organizing a vote to upgrade the apps of the Aragon Governance organization. This will ensure a smoother voting experience for everyone participating in future votes. Check out the blog post with full details for participating in the app upgrade vote here:

AGPs have been reviewed and merged.

No AGP submissions were rejected by the AGP Editors. Everyone who submitted a proposal on time (and that’s everyone this time) will have their proposals reviewed by the Aragon Association.

The final ballot and details for Aragon Network Vote #3 will be announced one week from today, and the vote will start on July 25 at 16:00.

Thank you everyone for participating!


it would be super nice to have animation videos like 2-3 min which explains the aragon governance with the proposal process and all other important stuff around aragon and what is important to know.

also it would be nice if to each AGP there is also a video where people explain it and go through the implications of this agp (podcast + video)

i think the information has to be much easier to consume.


+1, I recently did a voice recording of AGP-1 and it came out pretty nice but I’m waiting to see what happens with the Meta AGPs in the next vote so the recording isn’t quickly outdated after release. I agree it would be cool for AGP authors to do the same but with additional commentary. Even hiring a voiceover artist from a freelance website to read the AGP out loud could be a decent substitute if people don’t have time/access to equipment.

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The vote to upgrade the apps of the Aragon Governance organization starts now and will last for 48 hours.

All ANT holders are invited to participate using the Aragon Governance Voting app:

Full details on our blog:

Note: This is a separate vote from Aragon Network Vote #3, to get the apps in the organization up to date and ready for the next vote.

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Here are the final results from the vote to upgrade the apps of the Aragon Governance organization

Finance app: Yes
Vault app: Yes
Voting app: Yes

All apps have now been upgraded :tada: Thank you to everyone who voted!

You can see the results of the vote and the upgraded apps in the Aragon Governance organization:

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Just updated the first post on this thread with a link to the final details post.

Aragon Network Vote #3 has started! The first post has been updated. Here’s a Twitter thread with a summary of each proposal:

On July 27, 2019 Aragon Network Vote #3 came to an end. Seven proposals were approved and one was rejected.

You can now find the final results from the vote and early information about Aragon Network Vote #4 here on our blog:

We also invite all Aragon community members, voters and non-voters alike, to take this brief six-question survey to provide feedback about the Aragon Governance Proposal process.

Your feedback is appreciated and will help us continue improving the process!

Just published on the Aragon One blog: Aragon Network Vote #3 review

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