Aragon Network Vote #2 Megathread

While we do not have a blog post with the final details for the AGP #2 vote just yet, you can check out the previous one for examples of how you will be able to vote on this round as well.

We’ll have a blog post with the information for this round coming up ahead of the vote as well with exact details pertaining to this round.

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@alberreman there’s also WIP documentation about voting that will have a permanent home in the wiki:

Specific details about each vote will be published in a blog post as @tatu said but that documentation describes at a high level how voting on AGPs works.


Thanks! I already have an understanding of the AGP process, but I have just never participated in a vote before. I bought my first ANT last night though for the upcoming ballot, so I wanted to make sure to plan ahead :slight_smile:


Cross-posting this here for anyone interested:

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OP updated with a link to the final details blog post for Aragon Network Vote #2.

Hey everyone,

Here is a very quick recap of the ongoing proposals for ANV#2. Hope this helps a bit synthesize all the information!


Just read this! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, this meeting wasn’t well attended, and I wasn’t able to record for some reason:

Thank you to @LouisGrx for joining, and asking some great questions. I’d like to try again on Thursday, how about 2 pm UTC?
If anyone is able to help setup a youtube live call, that would be super appreciated.

Meanwhile, here is a brief FAQ format doc I put together comments are open and welcome:

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I’m all for security. It’s essential. Everything that ships to end users needs to be audited and secure.

That being said, I don’t have the time/skills/background to ask meaningful question about your proposal (AGP-37). I support ongoing security, but the forum thread, hackmd doc, and proposal don’t say much. You’re communicating to a broader community that doesn’t have domain specific knowledge in the field of contract/application security and a little education/marketing would go a long way.

I’d really like to see more info explaining what exactly you guys do, how that relates to other offerings/services on the market, and why it adds direct value to the Aragon platform beyond the cost of the service. Obviously security good / hacks bad, but how will the services provided by ConsenSys Diligence Inc help Aragon stand out as the market leader in decentralized community/org management? Also, if that info has already been shared elsewhere and I’m just late to the party please share it here! :slight_smile:


Yes… that’s a recurring theme, and seems like a good opportunity to educate the community. I will aim to put something together outlining what we do, and what questions are important for you to ask.


Aragon Network Vote #2 is now over!

Here is a Twitter thread with the final results:

You can also see the results for yourself directly on-chain using the AGP Voting app:

A blog post with a more detailed analysis of the final results of the vote will be published in the coming days.

Thank you everyone who participated!


Updated the OP with a link to the final results blog post.

Included in the blog post is a link to a survey that we invite all Aragon community members, voters and non-voters alike, to participate in and help us continue to improve the AGP process:

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I just published “Aragon Network Vote #2 Review”, welcome thoughts on this but I think most of what could be said has been said :slight_smile: