Aragon Network Vote #2 Megathread

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More proposals / AGP ideas added to post #2 on this thread.

Further AGP ANV#2 Proposal:

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A message to all AGP authors

If you have not submitted your AGP to the AGPs repo yet, please do! You can find instructions for doing so here if you are unfamiliar. Then let the AGP editors know when your proposal has been finalized and you would like to submit it for final review by the Aragon Association. The deadline to finalize and submit your proposal is 16:00 April 11th. Proposals not finalized at this time will not be submitted for review.


Hi @light we submitted a Nest proposal on Tuesday - after @LouisGrx feedback that we should try for a smaller proposal. I’m curious to know if we submitted it to the wrong place or what.
Also, our Flock was not declined - just got the suggestion. Should we submit both to the AGP?
Tagging the team to follow up @ilgiz.akropolis

Noticed our proposal was taken down here, but it was not rejected, see @LouisGrx’s feedback over here .
We even submitted a new one just in case - AGP Proposal - PanAragon stage 1 - Scaling and R&D of real world usecases

Hey @mariapaulafn!
Thanks for asking, so indeed we’ll be closing your PR for the Flock proposal. As for the Nest proposal, it should be first submitted in the issue tab of the Nest repo so we can discuss it and approve/reject it. If it gets approved you would be able to create a PR as a request for funding. Also, please note that Nest grants aren’t subject to a submission deadline like the AGP vote (which is 16:00 UTC today!!). So you can take as much time as necessary to submit it.

Hope I answered your questions :slight_smile:! I’m around if needed


Hey! thank you!
We did submit but as PR - submitting now to issues.
It was a bit confusing because we saw Native’s feedback and the rejection and reasons for it - so we didnt know how to proceed.
I guess it makes sense to continue perfecting the Flock for July and then wait for this Nest - am i wrong to assume this?

Sorry if the flow to submit proposals is a bit confusing, we’ll work on that.
I cannot give you guidelines on what you should do, but this makes sense!

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Hi all, just came to plug my proposal that I just submitted as a pull request on the AGPs repo. Looking forward to seeing the power of onchain governance in action!


LOL &Welcome Ameen,
This is gonna be a doozy - cat/pigeons :wave:

Seriously tho’ - good to see you here - props

I gotta say, as weird as this process is, it’s certainly not boring.


Greetings Planet Aragon,

Super excited to propose Edgeware Lockdrop participation - lots of similar values (We focus on on-chain protocol governance) and we’re built on Substrate too.

See the language of the proposal here.

Discuss the proposal and ask any questions about Edgeware in the forum thread.

View the Quantstamp audit of the lockdrop contract in question.

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Hey doods, basic question. I tend to get lost in all of the Aragon docs. Can someone direct me to something that will tell me how to vote?

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While we do not have a blog post with the final details for the AGP #2 vote just yet, you can check out the previous one for examples of how you will be able to vote on this round as well.

We’ll have a blog post with the information for this round coming up ahead of the vote as well with exact details pertaining to this round.

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@alberreman there’s also WIP documentation about voting that will have a permanent home in the wiki:

Specific details about each vote will be published in a blog post as @tatu said but that documentation describes at a high level how voting on AGPs works.


Thanks! I already have an understanding of the AGP process, but I have just never participated in a vote before. I bought my first ANT last night though for the upcoming ballot, so I wanted to make sure to plan ahead :slight_smile:


Cross-posting this here for anyone interested:

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OP updated with a link to the final details blog post for Aragon Network Vote #2.

Hey everyone,

Here is a very quick recap of the ongoing proposals for ANV#2. Hope this helps a bit synthesize all the information!