Aragon Network security partner

Hey @luis and community,

I noticed this in the AGP wishlist, and have a few questions about what you’d like to see in such an AGP.

By “dev teams” does this mean the Aragon Association, ie. the devs we’ve worked with previously? Or is it a different or less specific group?
What software needs securing, contracts, front-ends, something on a server?
Which track would this AGP fall under? Association, Finance, Meta, Proclamations?

Thanks for taking the time to address my question. :slight_smile:

Hi @maurelian thanks for your interest! I will reply to your last question:

Which track would this AGP fall under? Association, Finance, Meta , Proclamations?

This would be a Finance track proposal, since you are applying for funding to provide security services to the Network.

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@maurelian the security partner would work with the different Aragon dev teams, which primarily now includes Aragon One, so the devs you have already worked with :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, we are mainly thinking about smart contract security, but frontend security would be great as well.

Great, thanks @luis and @light. We’ll work on an AGP submission for your feedback.


@light: Is there anything like a roadmap for the coming year available?

Closest thing right now would probably be looking at the Flock proposals that have been submitted:

The ones that get approved will have their to-do items added to “the roadmap” (which doesn’t exist in a canonical format anywhere right now).

And just a heads up, AGP final drafts for Vote #1 on Jan 24th were due at 00:00 UTC today.

Hmmmm, apologies for missing it. Is that enforced on-chain in some way, or is it just non-ideal to submit late?

That’s enforced by AGP Editors adhering to the process defined in AGP-1.