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Hi all! :eagle:

As a Data Scientist for the AA and as stated here I’m writing to publicly share a dashboard with some KPIs and metrics regarding AN DAO’s North Star Metric.

The NSM conveyed in the dashboard is the one that was in place at the moment of my arrival, August 2021, which AFAIK continues being: Unique Active DAOs.

  • Aragon Client: at least one proposal passed and enacted
  • Aragon Govern: at least one action executed

Disussion is needed in order to check if it’s still what the AN thinks as an Active DAO and the NSM as a whole. Fortunately, we have contributors that have alredy shown interest in this.

The dashboard is in constant work in progress, improvements are needed and errors might arise. I hope it will be useful for the AN community and help better define ongoing and upcoming Analytics proposals.

I’m open for questions and comments in this post or at patoR#7041 and
Also I’m thinking on having regular open Analytics calls in Discord, will announce it when defined.

Martin - pato23.eth

Dashboard link: Aragon Network Dashboard

Tagging people that (I remember) have shown interes in AN data:
@lee0007 @joeycharlesworth @ramon @Shawncubbedge @jdcook @Fabs @julija @Joan_Arus

Couldn’t tag: anson parker, samkim


Hi Martin,
the NSM is indeed something that seems simple on the surface but can have a lot of nuance and subtlety. The work you have done is great and I really like your dashboard!

Please expect in the coming days a proposal from the people who have been working on the Metrics Masters bounty on how we can aid in the process of reaching a consensual definition of an Active DAO and how to measure it best going forward.

Best regards


Anson @alibama

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