Aragon Live Coding Meetup in Tallinn, Estonia [date TBD]

Hello Everyone!

We will be organizing a meetup in Tallinn, Estonia, on the 15th of May [postponed. New date TBD]. This is part of a series of meetups organized by the Tallinn Blockchain Developers meetup.
We have decided to dedicate this one to Aragon exclusively as me and @hellwolf have been playing around with AragonOS lately and want to share with our local community

These events are usually small, developer focused, and users are asked to bring their own laptops and code along. In this particular one we expect a much bigger crowd because it is happening at the same time as the Latitude59 Tech conference (a very big deal in Estonia) so there will be plenty of developers in town looking for something to do the evening before.

For the Aragon demonstration, we are planning two presentations.
In the first I will talk in general about Aragon, and then showcase what can be built on top of it and how it can be used by developers to manage their projects. (in particular I am thinking of showcasing a rinkeby.autark DAO but I’m open to other suggestions)
After this, @hellwolf will do a live coding session with CLI, building a simple Aragon Democracy DAO, and then trying a more ambitious integration with Uniswap.

What we would like:
“Endorsement” by the AA, Coop, and the Aragon community in general, and the authorization to use the Aragon Logo to publicize the event.
If anyone from the Aragon community wants to give a talk, we would love to have you join us!

What we would also like:
Financial support to pay for a good venue, as well as finance some food/beverages for attendees.
Based on the crowd we are expecting to gather, we think 600€[new budget TBD] should cover the cost for a decent venue and refreshments


And our meetup page is at:

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Hi @Fran23 @hellwolf this meetup sounds like a great project for the Community Funding DAO! Do you have any plans to film or otherwise document the event so that the folks online can benefit from the content? (Also, for the purposes of funding accountability, it would help to see that it actually happened and went well :slightly_smiling_face:)


Hi @light!

Yes, totally. Apart from documenting the event on the meetup page, recording or even live video is quite easy to setup these days and a must too.


Hey there @hellwolf,
The initiative sounds like a great idea. Maybe you can check how to submit a proposal to the Community Funding DAO here:

The meetup agenda looks cool too! Curious to see the output :slight_smile:

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Awsome innitiative @Fran23 @hellwolf! I think this kinf of innitiative are totally withn the scpe of the CFDAO. I have a couple of concerns thought:

  • Would you be able to breakdown the costs and bring some clarity about how you are planning to allocate funds?
  • I’m seeing that the 15th of May is in two weeks already, and as per the CFDAO process, the transfer of founds would take 3 weeks (two per community feedback and another week for the votation). So I think you guys would need to afford yourself the costs and then asking the community to pay you back, with the risk it implies… Would you guys be willing to accept such a risk?

Proposals can actually be submitted at any time, I think the two weeks community review is just a recommendation. If they need the money in a hurry they could submit today and the delay would only be one week at most for the vote results to be finalized. But having more time for community review and discussion will probably increase the likelihood that voters approve the proposal.

mmm… I’m considering this very same thread as their submission… don’t you!?

Maybe what it’s out of process is that the title needs to be like:

“Funding proposal: lorem ipsum yadda yadda”

the funding-dao tag is already there as well as the scope of the funds…

@Fran23 could you please change the title of this thread??

I haven’t consider the two weeks as just as a recommendation but as part of the process itself, in that case, go for it Fran!

Hey Gus! Thank you for the feedback

Regarding the costs, it is a rough figure, but we are covering food and beverage costs, plus the location. We initially hoped for this location at 150€/hr for 3 hours. Unfortunately it seems to be occupied on that date (as I mentioned there is a Tech conference the next day) so we are currently looking for a new location and price may vary accordingly. Once we have settled on a new venue we will send the funding request in the DAO

We will definitely organize the event in any case, as we have already committed to it, and the date seems like a very good one to get many people to attend.

What I am most interested in is getting a soft approval to use Aragon’s Logo on our event page, as it will surely help in the promotional efforts! @light is there a process for this?

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There is a trademark policy:

If the sponsorship does get funded by the Community Funding DAO then you have permission to use the logo. Thanks for checking!

Edit: I realize you may be asking if you can use the logo before the proposal is approved, to promote the event anyways. As long as the event does have an Aragon focus then yes you have permission to use the logo :slight_smile:

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mmm… I’m considering this very same thread as their submission… don’t you!?

I consider an official submission actually creating the proposal in the agp10.aragonid.eth organization.

To be clear, there is no official process or hard requirements for creating a proposal other than to start the vote in the agp10.aragonid.eth organization. The process outlined by @anteater here on the forum is only a suggestion to guide people interested in applying for funding. Creating a thread in the forum is a strong recommendation because without it people will not have context for a proposal. Hope this clears it up.

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Unfortunately there was a scheduling conflict with another satellite event of the Latitude59 conference, and many in our community asked to change the date.

We are currently discussing a new date for the event, but will keep this topic open for any comments or suggestions on the program we were planning to present.

Also if anyone from the Aragon community has any plans at all to visit Estonia June, please let us know, and we can set an appropriate date!

Funding proposal was not submitted to the community funding DAO. We will submit again once we have a date and a cost estimate for the venue!

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