Aragon in a multi-chain world

in 2017 I @luis and @jorge published the Aragon white paper. The vision of unstoppable organizations on blockchain and a digital jurisdiction was very inspirational. We are at the point yet where marias story is a reality but we have made enormous strides in that direction.

On the road to that ultimate goal, we have had some tremendous success with protocol DAOs. in addition to having hundreds of millions of dollars in AUM, Aragon contracts secure Billions of dollars in the protocols of Curve DAO, PieDAO, Aave, and many more.


However, gas fees on L1 have become prohibitively expensive for all but the biggest DAOs, and even those are suffering. In addition to this, being at the forefront of governance design, we have noticed voter apathy is also a huge problem. Most people dont actually want to vote on every decision an organization makes. Sometimes this is because what is being voted on is not that controversial. This is reflected in how traditional organizations work.

Understanding this Aragon started working on Aragon V2. this will enable gasless voting and optimistic DAOs. Aragon V2 is weeks away from launching. However, even when it launches, it will not achieve feature parity with V1 for some time.


1Hive is one of the most prolific builder DAOs in the space. Facing the same problems as everyone else, decided to deploy the Aragon contracts to xDAI and moved their DAO there. Since then, their DAO has exploded in popularity along with their native token HNY. They proved the case that Aragon can work for them on a side chain. but while the project has been a success, DAOs still need other infrastructure and projects on the same network. One of the biggest reasons DeFi has exploded in the way it has is due to the fact these projects are composable with each other. They launched HoneySwap (a uniswap fork) last year and now a Aave Fork is on its way

But xDAI is not the only scaling solution. There are now many side chains, rollup solutions, and EVM compliant L1 blockchains with protocols springing upon them everyday. Binance chain, for example, has seen an explosion in daily TX count recently


In an ideal world, Aragon would have unlimited resources and support all the L1 blockchains and L2 ethereum solutions. But we do not live in an ideal world. Deploying to some of these chains is easier than others. However I still feel we should be paying attention to these solutions. While we cant deploy everywhere all at once, there are chains and L2 solutions we can support at a relatively low cost


Trying not to shill my bags but keep some of your powder dry because Radix (eXRD) mainnet will be fully sharded AND maintain atomic composability: Telegram: Contact @radix_dlt

What about a DAO that could layer on any chain or other foundation? Could that work?

Thank You Aaron for this update.
For me the expensive gasfee was indeed a too high investment I could not make, as I only joined Aragon in January 2020. I have a lot of expertise in the analogue world and I am trying to find my way to contribute on Aragon. Cordial Greetings, Lieven

Donโ€™t forget about IDChain which was the first non-testnet chain to support Aragon DAOs. . More info in this medium article.

I think you know this, @Aaron since youโ€™re a member of at least one DAO on IDChain :hugs:

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