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Hey AraPeeps!

Got an idea and would appreciate your opinion on it. Roast it if it’s what the idea deserves, no problem!

I was thinking that I’ve being particularly hypocritical taking all those planes, while I’m also showing support to Greta Thunberg every time I have an opportunity to do so. I’d like to realign myself a bit, probably keep trying to reduce my number of flights on one side, and offset my carbon impact on the other.

It’s this latter part that this idea is about. Offsetting generally implies paying extra to plant trees, it’s nice but I think most of what this achieves is giving participants good conscience, not actually have a long term positive impact (imho), hence I was wondering if maybe something better could be done.

What if a DAO is created with the intent to fund whatever project would be deemed most impactful to solve the climate crisis? For example, I personally would like to fund a campaign to end the part of the Chicago Convention that prevents taxing aviation fuel.

Anyone could participate as much as they want, for example I’d add 10% to each of my plane ticket, of my rental cars, in order to fund this DAO. Although it would be a non-financial-profit, just for the sake of achieving a positive impact, that wouldn’t precludes a reputational profit that would motivate people to fund the DAO. A sort of green movement for Earth, the Aragon Greta DAO?

I wouldn’t want to lead this by myself so if others are interested to do this I’d be happy to know, this would certainly be most exciting as a group effort. I’d put 10k to get this started and see where it goes. I wouldn’t expect this to take shape quickly though, initially maybe I’d like to see how fast we get to 100k, then we can start seeing how we can combine brain-power to have maximum impact with our funds?

That’s all I’ve got for now. If AraPeeps are interested, we can then certainly define what type of Aragon DAO would be most fitting, and other technical bits.


Is it me, or was this a ‘green’ dao yesterday?:slight_smile:

Perhaps ‘Earth DAO’ would be an appropriate title.

Of course it’s a fine proposal but as is seemingly a common issue – GOVERNANCE :smiley: - how would fund allocation appropriateness be decided?

Perhaps allocating funds and approaching a scientist/org once a year saying, “we have this, where can we best place it” might work.

DAO participants vote on a shortlist of (invite only) candidates.

2c anyhow…

(edit below)
had a quick scan, didn’t come across an Earth DAO.
Lot’s of stuff for ‘Earth Day’, which is 22nd April - could be a good launch date.

Must admit quite taken with ‘Empress Earth DAO [tree]’

ahah yes, I changed it as I thought it was a more original and strategic name. I didn’t think someone would notice the change tbh, glad you did!

So “green”, “earth” or something similar: yes it would be appropriate but it would also be very bland. I was thinking that Greta Thunberg is the hero we all need today and so paying tribute to her might both end up benefiting her, as well as this DAO.

I don’t know yet for the governance, what would be best, so it’s something I left open on purpose. Curious what people who would want to participate are thinking.

Your idea on how to use the funds is interesting but I’m not sure it would be one that would have the most impact, although maybe it would! Why do I think that? Greta explains this well on her Ted Talk ( ), basically scientists are telling us what to do for ages but nobody ever acts: the problem to solve is to get people to act. So I would think some kind of ballsy advertisement campaign to complement her strike could be interesting (it would also bring attention to Aragon…), if it also contains a call to action. Now that’s not to say my idea is better than yours, that would be up to the DAO democracy and/or elected multisig to decide.

I think with this we could both achieve good and publicise the use of Aragon in a context that non only would be legal, but would also be for the common good. If we ever want the Jurisdiction for Crypto Natives ( ) to happen, we’re going to have to prove that we can achieve good things together, what would be the point of doing it if we cannot do 10x better than other models?

It’s a bit of a big idea but I feel like it’s worth it. The return on investment would “only” be personal pride, like being part of the sponsors of EFF ( ). But say if thanks to this DAO, we could end the part of the Chicago Convention that prevents taxing aviation fuel, that would be a major achievement that should make every participant quite proud. I really see this as a ROI personally. A non-financial one, sure, but isn’t reputation becoming more important than net-worth anyway?

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“So “green”, “earth” or something similar: yes it would be appropriate but it would also be very bland. I was thinking that Greta Thunberg is the hero we all need today and so paying tribute to her might both end up benefiting her, as well as this DAO.”

Yep, fair enough. I can see that.

To do this and stay legal - is hard. There was a recent twitter thing where it was suggested the best thing we could do for climate change is to blowup various coal-fueled power stations around the globe (this is absolutely not advice - I think the conclusion was it would trigger nuclear conflict).

I wonder then how/if such an org could provide support services for wider protest and action. Perhaps temporary DAO’s (TAO’s:) with funds for practical tools - printing material, burner phones, websites/platform-handles, gasmasks, floats, yellow vests, afterparties - the full ‘riot-package’. :smiley: You know, I am biased but art is actually really powerful for this as well. Particularly when considering available funds. E.G. Like having a kick-arse marching band/ sound-system that could be paid to mobilise locally and would turn up to support protesters. I dunno, thinking aloud tbh but yeah, something something ballsy & impactful sounds good.

While 100% agreeing re Chicago Convention, getting into Lobbying sounds treacherous and expensive. Admittedly semantically picky, rather than ‘reputation’ I prefer to consider it as ‘cultural capital’, which then would hopefully allow us to then make use and deploy it somewhere useful.

One way or another I do believe we are compelled to act…

You are touching on an important point: violence.

I wouldn’t personally participate in such DAO I suggest unless violence is formally forbidden. Gandhi’s or Greta’s movement are perfect examples what I consider great movements. I believe the smartest ideas are those that do not involve violence / destruction.

I think if we can prove ourselves that way, if we can gather great minds to help us figure out ways to make a positive impact without violence, we could get funding from many more sources than if violence is involved.

That’s not to say there’s not a bunch of things I want to destroy. But I sort of see all this as a game of chess, you never win by violently throwing the game on the floor, it’s always about the smartest moves.


I absolutely agree with that! :slight_smile:

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Absolutely 100% agree with what you say - it’s where true power resides.

You know the idea of “a quiet violence” though? - It’s not always physical (or local).

The current logic of capitalism wont take such protest lying down - they will send their state operatives to harm us - then what?
(I have no answers here apart from self-sufficiency)

Wanna guess why I’m using a pseudo-anonymous profile? :wink: It’s not perfect obviously, but that’s to say I agree with you overall.

With that being said, I don’t think countries / states would cause us much troubles if we are non-violent, we’d certainly be up against some industries, some groups of deplorable people.

We would need to leverage this DAO cautiously and carefully to obtain a largely net-positive impact. If we succeed at this, we might actually enjoy the protection and support of some countries and/or industries.

House of Commons Library. “Taxing aviation fuel. Standard Note SN00523 (2012)” Retrieved 4 Nov 2016.

This international ban on taxing aviation fuel needs to be destroyed, quickly.

Wow. & ffs.
Well that’s the grinding my gears IDK that, sorted for the day then.

I have just registered and I’m very excited about this!

I want to start playing with the idea soon though so I will probably start with a simple Aragon multisig and fill the fund with a self-imposed “greta tax” of 20% on any of my spending that involves carbon emissions (that’s a bit high and is gonna tingle a bit, but isn’t it exactly the goal, to de-incentivise carbon emitting activities?), meanwhile I’ll try to get in touch with Greta to see where she’d love to see more money being spent.

I’d really like to find anyone in the blockchain space that understand how dire the situation is on climate change, and is willing to self-tax their carbon emitting activities as well. As if the international ban on taxing aviation fuel was no more. Hopefully with those people, together we could make this fund larger and more successful.

We could then try to to find a model that would be safe and efficient enough so we could open this to the general public. Although it would certainly help, it is not absolutely necessary to make this project successful, many funds are private and fine that way.

Ultimately the goal is to create a long term, successful, non-legal, non-profit, organisation to fund anything around the preservation of the common goods. Isn’t it what the Moloch DAO should have been about anyway? :wink:

Let me know if you’d like to participate!