Aragon Gas Station ⛽

Ethereum network fees are currently kind of high. Sending normal tx and whatnot is fine, but creating vote on Aragon mainnet DAOs is like $2-3. I believe that cost is higher to create the vote, then less to actually vote, but I’m not entirely sure. Nontheless, it’s a pain in the ass.

More specifically, it’s a mental pain.

  • First there’s the pain of paying. The amount doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you have to do it over and over for multiple transactions, and every time you do there’s multiple steps asking you to confirm that pain along the way.
  • Second there’s the pain of fear. Fear of the unknown. How much will it cost this time? Will all the transactions be $2-3 or just the first one? Should we wait until tomorrow? What about now? Oh!.. we missed our window, maybe next week. It’s a variable reward mechanism with only downside (I guess a variable disappointment mechanism). At this point we’re mentally reinforcing and rehearsing the pain of paying while also introducing the fear/frustration of the unknown. To top it all off we’re also wasting time on a transaction that could take less 1min, but takes 10-15 min over the course of several days. Talk about reinforcement learning!

This sucks. While we can’t reduce Ethereum mainnet fees, we can at least make them easier to calculate. For people who actually use DAOs this is essential. If I could check to check the cost of creating a simple vote on mainnet that would be great (like, but with stats relevant to Aragon). Even better would be if I could get a notification when the price is low. Even better would be if I could set it and forget it and have an app automagically submit my transaction when the price drops below a certain amount and/or after a certain amount of time (if (price < x || time > y) {submit tx}.

Is anyone working on this?


This would be great. For me, transaction broadcasting, mining and gas markets are one of the biggest UX hurdles. I’m also curious if we could adopt


As mentioned by @maikelblogo here, it would be great to also be able to estimate the cost to deploy the various DAO templates available. @luis Who’s the best person to talk to about getting those numbers?

Would be great if the Aragon Client and/or app store had a live price feed for deployment costs shown in the UI like Melon does.