Aragon Forum TLDR 8-15 September

A weekly TL;DR of activity in this forum. We welcome diversity of perspective and encourage the community to ask questions, raise concerns and offer constructive feedback. Forum discussions is encouraged before and during voting and on proposals as they progress.

New Proposals This Week

12 September 2022

Financial Proposal: Customer Discovery , Validation & Alternate Revenue for Aragon DAO. @Shanzz requests $25025 funding for a 12-week project to conduct research, interview executives, and gather feedback to inform the first MVP for traditional organizations’ DAO use cases. The proposed work will investigate the potential of DAO as a source of revenue for Aragon.

Several ANT holders have provided feedback to date. There is both support for the proposal and concern about the proposed scope and alignment with priorities. In response to concerns, the author has requested access to information and further clarification via the forum. Updates to the original proposal now incorporate feedback on structure and clarity. Learn more here

Financial proposals require seven days and no more than 14 days of discussion on the forum. The next step would be ANT holder Voice vote, which requires 5000 ANT to meet quorum and a simple majority (> 50%) to approve funding.

Governance Proposals

8 September 2022

@Alex updated the proposal on evolving AN DAO Governance to simplify and clarify the practical implications of the current governance vote. The original proposal can be viewed on the post.

Discussion centres on the question; what happens to the AN DAO when the new Delegate Voting DAO is deployed? To address this broad concern, there are now three (3) posts to address Governance, Finance and Community.

Governance Proposal: Future of the AN DAO Charter

The Delegate Voting DAO will enact a new Charter on-chain to prepare for the treasury transfer, as per the published timeline.

The governance proposal asks ANT Holders to vote simply Yes or No to decide whether to uphold or terminate the current AN DAO Charter, once the Delegated Voting DAO and Charter are enacted. And, if the resulting vote is yes, then when would the current Charter terminate?

Governance proposals of this nature require a minimum of 30-days of public notice and a Voice vote of 14 days. This Governance proposal has been live for 28 days.

Financial Proposal: Future of AN DAO Treasury Balance

Seeks to determine what happens to the AN DAO Treasury if/when the AN DAO Charter is terminated. ANT Holders vote Yes or No to decide whether to transfer the remaining balance of all AN DAO Treasuries to the Aragon Treasury.

The transfer would occur once the Delegate Voting DAO Charter is enacted and before the termination of the AN DAO Charter. The location of the transfer will be the Delegate Voting DAO. Unless the Delegate Voting DAO is not yet deemed safe to receive funds. If Aragon Association CTO decides that the Delegate Voting DAO is not yet safe, funds will go to the BudgetDAO Multisig.

Financial proposals require seven days and no more than 14 days of discussion on the forum. The next step would be ANT holder Voice vote, which requires 5000 ANT to meet quorum and a simple majority (> 50%) to approve the transfer.

Discussion: Future of AN DAO Community

Community discussion about advancing the Aragon Manifesto and participation in the Aragon Project. Current discussion centres around

  1. The meaning of “community”. @EvanAronson offered three definitions that show “community” can and does mean different things, to different people. A simple taxonomy for common DAO terms could aid communication efforts to build shared understanding.

  2. S3 funding. Can S2 teams/guilds funded by the current AN DAO Charter rollover funding, without justification, to the new DAO? Our shared understanding of the future of funding may hinge on the New Charter.

@jessicasmith advised that the Charter is currently being worked on with external consultants. A stakeholder engagement process is set to begin during September and is on track to kick off within the next 2 weeks.

This is an open-ended community discussion post, not currently subject to vote

Project Updates

9 September 2022

NFTX posted their technical sign-off of the latest release of EVMCrispr v.0.7.0 “Branchy Syntax”

This version comprises a complete refactoring and restructuring of the library. The evmcl command language is now a formal fully-fledged DSL (Domain-specific Language). It is comprised of composable and independent parser combinators that receive the raw cas11 script and produce the building blocks (nodes) of the Abstract Syntax Tree (ATS) before being processed by an interpreter.

ASTs facilitate the manipulation and processing of source code in a more consistent, non-ambiguous, and convenient manner. The different commands and helpers have been moved to separated encapsulated modules following the separation of concerns principle. In this way, new web3 protocols can be supported and integrated more easily.

Important to note that this project was approved in S1 by the ESD. In S2 the EVMCrispr is now funded via Main DAO following the approval of this vote


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