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AN DAO Charter: Aragon Governance Proposal Process S5 (f) i process for financial proposals requires public deliberation posted in the Aragon forum for a minimum of 7 days and maximum of 14 days. On this basis the following proposals are currently voting or expected to move to $ANT holder vote within the next week

Financial Proposal: PrimeDAO Token Swap
Vote Here Aragon Voice

Proposed Token swap between Aragon and PrimeDAO. The 50k ANT to 50k D2D tokens (& visa versa) is presented as a strategic product and governance opportunity. PrimeDAO collective enables DAO2DAO coordination with tools that turn Defi into a cooperative game. Current decentralized token offerings and token swaps, align as an extension of Aragon’s future product while enabling both teams to actively participate in each other’s governance.

Financial Proposal: Sponsor S2 to spread the DAO narrative - GM bus
Vote: To be advised

10k USDC to fund the GM on a mission to spread the decentralization ethos to real-life communities, sharing the liberating potential that DAOs bring and evolving the crypto narrative. By partnering with the GM bus, Aragon could build brand visibility at leading web3 IRL events and subsequently brand awareness with potential community members and future DAO adopters. Discussion continues around accountability for the additional resources required to maximise this opportunity

This Weeks Forum Updates

Voting on the Chelo Finance Credit Scoring proposal is being pushed back to incorporate feedback and redevelop the proposed funding. The purpose remains a stakeholder-driven development to address the needs of low-income bankless or under-banked stakeholders for non-collateralized loans, using their on-chain activity as credit score. Chelo has also provided additional information on their model for web3 uncollateralised loans.

Aragon Govern & Court Exploit Test Report This report outlines the rationale and timeline, learnings and conclusions drawn from a test exploit of Aragon Govern and Aragon Court between September 3 through September 13.

DAO Craft have clarified that Governance guidelines: Processes, Practices, and Code of Conduct is the main area of focus for the stakeholder feedback workshops and that invites go out this week. Please register to participate

EVMCrsipr September Update
GravityDAO September Update

Feedback Welcome

We welcome diversity of perspective and encourage the community to ask questions, provide support and offer constructive feedback before and during voting and on proposals as they progress.

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