Aragon Forum TLDR 29 - 6 October

New Proposals

29 September

Financial Proposal: Chelo Finance - Credit scoring and real-world testing

Chelo Finance request $48k USDC to fund a 16-week stakeholder driven development to create an on-chain credit rating. Designed to integrate low-income bankless or under-banked stakeholders this proposal attempts to address the critical issue for them of on-chain credit score – by focusing on the needs of real-world users for non-collateralized loans, using their on-chain activity as credit score.

The proposal presents broad ecosystem collaboration with a team of specialists to serve real world need. Question are raised about the funding split, product differentiation, and use of real world ID. Also legal and tax implications, necessary considerations accounted for within the expertise of the gathered team.

4 October

Financial Proposal: PrimeDAO Token Swap

Proposed Token swap between Aragon and PrimeDAO. The 50k ANT to 50k D2D tokens (& visa versa) is presented as a strategic product and governance opportunity. PrimeDAO collective enables DAO2DAO coordination with tools that turn DeFi into a cooperative game. Current decentralized token offerings and token swaps, align as an extension of Aragon’s future product, while enabling both teams to actively participate in each other’s governance. There is broad support for the proposal with questions relating more to process beyond the scope of the proposal - metagovernance, product fit and documentation, development and collaboration opportunities.

4 October

Financial Proposal: Sponsor S2 to spread the DAO narrative - GM bus

10k USDC to fund the GM on a mission to spread the decentralization ethos to real-life communities, sharing the liberating potential that DAOs bring and evolving the crypto narrative. By partnering with the GM bus, Aragon could build brand visibility at leading web3 IRL events and subsequently brand awareness with potential community members and future DAO adopters.

In response to questions about investing in paid brand building, @Ricktik6 has clarified the value proposition and indicates investment now could secure a brand presence beyond S2 and that this could be an opportunity to support Aragon Ambassador’s presence at industry events

Vote Results

The following proposals were decided by $ANT holder vote

Governance Proposal: Future of the AN DAO Charter

33 ANT Holders representing 0.9% quorum voted

  • ~ 94% Yes to terminate the current AN DAO Charter.
  • ~ 6% No to terminate the current AN DAO Charter.
  • ~ 94% in favour of 15 days after the Charter for the Delegate Voting DAO is enacted
  • ~ 6% in favour of 30 days after the Charter for the Delegate Voting DAO is enacted

DECISION: The current AN DAO Charter will terminate 15 days after the Charter for the Delegate enabled DAO is enacted.

Financial Proposal: Future of AN DAO Treasury Balance

28 ANT Holders representing 0.9% of quorum voted whether to transfer the remaining balance of all AN DAO Treasuries to the Aragon Treasury when the Delegate Voting DAO Charter is enacted and prior to the termination of the AN DAO Charter

  • ~ 94% Yes
  • ~ 6% No

DECISION: to safeguard the treasury the remaining balance of the AN DAO treasury will be transferred to the Delegate Voting DAO, when the Delegate Voting DAO Charter is enacted and prior to the termination of the AN DAO Charter subject to the stated proviso on safety.

This Weeks Forum Updates

Call for Feedback: Research to Shape the Future of Governance

As part of the AA’s progressive decentralisation, the team at DAOCraft is working to provide tooling and frameworks to help build, scale and refine DAO strategy and operations for the new DAO. They are seeking stakeholder participation in a series of short workshops to capture feedback and also invite feedback via the forum. A form is available to register and participate in this open and facilitated process.

Tech Proposal: allowlist of auditors for Aragon products (update v2)

The three elected members of the tech committee subDAO are Charter mandated to maintain the whitelist of technical security auditors they deem sufficiently competent to audit Aragon smart contracts. Under this remit, they are updating the auditor whitelist to include Zellic, an agreed decision being formalised by vote

Community Updates

Feedback Welcome

We welcome diversity of perspective and encourage the community to ask questions, raise concerns and offer constructive feedback. Forum discussions is encouraged before and during voting and on proposals as they progress.Forum activity is tracked here

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