Aragon Forum TLDR 27 - 3 November

This Weeks Forum Updates

Overview of Rules, Guidelines, and Practices is the first in a series of posts to discuss the three-tiered approach to Aragon DAO governance. In summary:

  • Rules enforced by the on-chain deployment and applicable laws, will establish the default governance model of the organization.
  • Guidelines indirectly enforced by voting at the token holder and delegate level, which will establish the operational standards of the organization.
  • Practices reinforced by the culture within and between teams, will shape our ways of working and coordinating.

This week’s Friday Socials 1330 UTC 0 will discuss Aragon DAO’s Guidelines including how teams can apply for funding from the Aragon DAO.

Karma Weighting is an open call for feedback to inform the current demo. To move closer to an agreed weighting a community discussion is scheduled for Monday 7 Nov (UTC 0). A working group will review community input and set preliminary weightings, which remain subject to future refinement based on results and community feedback.

Transparency is requested on the proposal to Demo a TAO voting DAO to clarify deliverables and progress.

October Financial Transparency

  • Contributor Rewards reports 21 core contributors and 11 bounties were paid for a total of $107,957 USDC equivalent, ~26.6k under budget.
  • Income & Expense reports treasury balance reduced from $400k to $197, due to $206k expenses and $2.5k positive price fluctuation in the price of ANT

Community Updates

Feedback Welcome

We welcome diversity of perspectives and encourage the community to ask questions and offer support and constructive feedback. Forum discussions are encouraged before and during voting and on proposals as they progress.

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