Aragon Forum TLDR 22-29 September


The following proposals are open for $ANT holder discussion and voting

Governance Proposal: Future of the AN DAO Charter

Seven (7) days remaining for ANT Holders to vote Yes or No to decide whether to uphold or terminate the current AN DAO Charter, once the Delegated Voting DAO and Charter are enacted. And, if the resulting vote is yes, then when would the current Charter terminate?

Financial Proposal: Future of AN DAO Treasury Balance

Seven (7) days remaining for ANT Holders to vote to decide what happens to the AN DAO Treasury if/when the AN DAO Charter is terminated. ANT Holders vote Yes or No to decide whether to transfer the remaining balance of all AN DAO Treasuries to the Aragon Treasury.

Forum Updates

29 September 2022

Karma has shared an MVP reputation system for Aragon contributors that aggregates activity across Discord, Discourse, Aragon Voice, on-chain voting to generate your reputation (Karma) score. Check out @Brent post for links to the Leaderboard and information to connect your accounts. Question welcome via forum and AMA pending.

29 September 2022

The issue of transparency invites discussion across posts on the Future of the Charter, Future of Community and generally when posting or commenting in the forum. It is worth noting that Discourse retains ALL versions of a post and comments for full transparency. Once edited, posts and comments show an orange edit ICON - top righthand side of every post and comment. You can scroll through all versions, identify and compare highlighted edits.

21 September 2022

9,900 BAL have been delegated to WildfireDAO as approved in August by ANT holder vote to participate in Meta-Governance on Balancer on behalf of Aragon. WildfireDAO proposed to leverage Aragon’s treasury BAL tokens to generate revenue from the bribe Marketplace - Hidden Hand 2 - that operates in the Balancer Ecosystem and other protocols such as Aura Finance, FRAX, Ribbon Finance and Tokenmak.

Feedback Welcome

We welcome diversity of perspective and encourage the community to ask questions, raise concerns and offer constructive feedback. Forum discussions is encouraged before and during voting and on proposals as they progress. Forum activity is tracked here

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