Aragon Forum TLDR 20 - 27 October

Voting & Results

Approved:19 ANT holders representing 43,140.72 ANT (< 0.1%) voted 79% in support of 10k to support the GM Bus US web3 industry event presence. 10k will be released on the proviso of securing an additional 20k from other sources.

This Weeks Forum Updates

EVMCrispr v0.8.0 shares updates for a user-centered version that seeks to improve the terminal UX by providing new auto-completion features which offer contextual code completion suggestions that take into account the previous commands that you’ve typed in as well as the current command’s parameters to help you fill the next word.

Karma Weighting discussion is open for feedback to discuss the use and weighting of Karma in the Aragon DAO. Constructive feedback is invited. Links to view and connect to the Karma dashboard are shared.

EVMScript Simulator uses the tenderly SDK to simulate and debug EVMScrips. If the community finds this useful, then the offer is to develop further in collaboration with Aragon.

Feedback Welcome

We welcome diversity of perspectives and encourage the community to ask questions and offer support and constructive feedback. Forum discussions are encouraged before and during voting and on proposals as they progress.

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