Aragon Forum TLDR 15 - 22 September

Upcoming Votes

The following proposals are now at voting or expected to move to vote within the upcoming week

Governance Proposal: Future of the AN DAO Charter

ANT Holders to vote simply Yes or No to decide whether to uphold or terminate the current AN DAO Charter, once the Delegated Voting DAO and Charter are enacted. And, if the resulting vote is yes, then when would the current Charter terminate? 0.3 % quorum is required with a simple Yes majority (> 50%) to approve. 14 Day Vote via Aragon Voice

Financial Proposal: Future of AN DAO Treasury Balance

ANT Holders to determine what happens to the AN DAO Treasury if/when the AN DAO Charter is terminated. ANT Holders vote Yes or No to decide whether to transfer the remaining balance of all AN DAO Treasuries to the Aragon Treasury. 5000 ANT to meet quorum and a simple Yes majority (> 50%) to approve fund transfer. 14 Day Vote via Aragon Voice

Financial Proposal: Customer Discovery, Validation & Alternate Revenue for Aragon DAO

7-14 days voting for ANT holders to approve $25025 funding for a 12-week project to conduct research, interview executives, and gather feedback to inform the first MVP for traditional organizations’ DAO use cases. 5000 ANT to meet quorum and a simple Yes majority (> 50%) to approve funding.

Forum Updates

16 September 2022

20k funding has been released to February’s DAOStar One proposal following successful raise of more than 100k from funding partners including Ethereum Foundation, Aragon, Gnosis, Radicle, NEAR, MetaCartel Ventures, Gitcoin, and others. The proposal is an ecosystem collaboration to establish DAO standards designed to:

  • make development easier for DAO creators and contributors, thus growing the Aragon network and the broader DAO ecosystem
  • lower the cost and risk of building and investing for companies and investors in Aragon and the broader DAO ecosystem, and
  • support industry collaboration and coordination in other contexts such as education, regulatory compliance, and research.

15 September 2022

@Ricktik6 posted monthly financial transparency

  1. Contributor Rewards reports 22 core contributors and six bounties were paid for a total of $122920 USDC equivalent, ~42.7k under budget.
  2. August Income & Expense reports treasury balance reduced from $748,698 to $557,148 due to $171, 375 expenses and $20,174 negative price fluctuation in the price of ANT

Feedback Welcome

We welcome diversity of perspective and encourage the community to ask questions, raise concerns and offer constructive feedback. Forum discussions is encouraged before and during voting and on proposals as they progress. Forum activity is tracked here

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Edit: updated to include voting links for two of the upcoming votes