Aragon Forum TLDR 13 - 20 October

Voting & Results

Final Hours Voting: Currently 16 ANT holders representing 35,873.5 ANT (< 0.1%) voted ~75% in support of 10k to support the GM Bus US web3 industry event presence.

Approved: 18 ANT holders representing 33,594.03 ANT (< 0.1%) voted 100% in support of the 50k PrimeDAO Token Swap

This Weeks Forum Updates

In response to last week’s Aragon Court & Govern Test Exploit Report @mroldann has shared a dashboard showing **Aragon Court Activity ** from August 2021 to October 20 2022.

@Ricktik6 posted monthly financial transparency

  • Contributor Rewards reports 21 core contributors and 22 bounties were paid for a total of $114,239 USDC equivalent, ~23.3k under budget.
  • Income & Expense reports treasury balance reduced from $557k to $401, due to $159k expenses and $3k positive price fluctuation in the price of ANT

Discussion continues and contributors are invited to link their wallets and Aragon forum and Discord via the Karma reputation system for contributors

Feedback Welcome

We welcome diversity of perspectives and encourage the community to ask questions, and offer support and constructive feedback. Forum discussions are encouraged before and during voting and on proposals as they progress. Tracking of forum activity via Notion is not currently a supported activity

Twitter Version

Is that correct? - people representing less than 1 in 10,000 ANT voted!?

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No it is not, extra 0 error thanks for catching that!