Aragon Forum TLDR 10 - 17 Nov

This Weeks Forum Updates

Third in a series of posts to discuss the three-tiered approach to Aragon DAO governance

1. Overview of Rules, Guidelines, and Practices
2. How to Get Funding
3. Rules: Technical Deployment and Legal Wrappers

@Samantha provides a clear overview of Rules (work in progress) designed to automate, and minimize the governance surface of the new DAO, and to empower autonomy. The post includes information on the

  • components of the Aragon DAO deployment,
  • proposal process
  • role and veto power of Guardians
  • Charter

This week’s Friday Socials1530 UTC continues the discussion with the topic of Practices

@alibama product discussion shares setting up an e-commerce store with USD pricing that will accept ANT token using an oracle of Coinmarketcap. He raises important questions around tax implications, possible securities and utilities requirements and seeks transparency on the development of a plan for dealing head-on with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)

Feedback Welcome

We welcome diversity of perspectives and encourage the community to ask questions and offer support and constructive feedback. Forum discussions are encouraged before and during voting and on proposals as they progress.

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