Aragon Experts

During the current DeFi summer, there have been a number of teams and crypto projects that have launched their Aragon DAOs. In fact, Aragon has been the leading DAO platform powering DeFi projects.

The amount of demand has been staggering and we’re thrilled to see projects leveraging the power of the Aragon platform to build amazing DAOs. That being said, it’s hard to scale this demand beyond a couple Aragon teams. We don’t want to centralize access to knowledge of the Aragon stack so we are pushing these opportunities to the edges. That way skilled community members and teams can leverage their knowledge to create amazing DAOs! Read more about the Aragon Experts initiative.

In order to apply to the first cohort of teams and people that will be listed on the Aragon Experts website page, please provide:

  • Team/individual name
  • Logo URL, if any
  • Describe your previous experience working with Aragon
  • Provide a couple references or quotes from people that have worked with you before
  • Kind of services: Governance mechanisms advisory, aragonOS, Aragon client, Aragon Connect
  • Email / contact info

RaidGuild / DAOshop

We love Aragon, we like building things for and with Aragon. DAO’s DAO’s DAO’s all the way DAOwn !

Jonah Weinstein “As a client I’ve recently started working with RG, and it’s been nothing short of tremendous. RG kills it”

Spencer Graham “saveDAI came to Raid Guild looking for help building our dapp, and we were blown away with the level of talent and quality we got–so much so that one of us was inspired to join Raid Guild as a member!”

Gumshed “They have been great to work with. I’ve also given them a lot of leeway as far as design work goes so it’s cool to see people take things serious.”

The Mandalore “RaidGuild has been an amazing experience from start to finish, great guys in an awesome DAO and I’d highly recommend them for whatever the project”

Luis Cuende “Thanks to RaidGuild for building this!”


  1. Full Stack Development, Web2 / Web3
  2. Design, Graphic/ Logo / UI/ UX
  3. Marketing, Strategy, Content Creation.
  4. Aragon DAO Design and Consultations. / @Yalormewn on TG / Twitter / Discord


Jomari Peterson of Hajj Media, LLC

I have been an active supporter and user of Aragon since its public announcement. I have built test DAOs on the Rinkeby network and supported the development of organizational structures for QRL, the Digital Reserve and Arkius. I am an active participant in the Aragon Court systems as a juror.

Some references include:
Troy Wiipongwii, the founder of the William and Mary Blockchain Labs
Walter Lewis, the CEO of Homewood Children’s Village
Andrin Foster, Arkius Head of Product and General Manager
Deidre McIntyre, Founder of Black People & Cryptocurrrency

My expertise is in Governance Mechanisms, Strategy and protocol level system architecture. I also support the development and implementation of DAOs from cradle to immortality (or grave if designed to end under set conditions :slight_smile: )

Schedule with me -
LinkedIn -
Twitter -



A portal for hybrid entities.

Our summoners blend legal and ethereal arcana to summon entities capable of winning the new era.
We stand ready to bring the unstoppable meme of your mind into earthly existence.

We provide formation, legal document generation, and general consulting regarding DAO design and implementation.

Additionally, our team has experience developing with React, 3Box, Aragon Connect and OpenLaw in its pursuit of bridging the legacy and Web3 domains.

  • Creator of the Research Collective, the first non-profit/DAO hybrid
  • Winner of the ConsenSys and “Best for Wyoming” prizes, at the '18 and '19 WyoHackathon, respectively.

How to Legal DAOs video
@aitheric on Telegram


NEDAO Association

The main purpose of this Association is to realize the NEDAO project: A platform that will allow residents from Canton of Neuchâtel to propose / support / vote / fund local innovative / cultural / educational projects.

The Association includes several actors, either from the IT industry, and from the academic world.

Through its members, the association can provide a broad range of expertise / skillsets:

  • I’m the president of the association, and I also am one of the partners with FBO Developments, as project manager and lead developer (full stack, Web3).
    I’ve been leading development project in industrial automation, energy management, enterprise management softwares (ERP, MES, etc) for 20 years, and from 2016 I specialized myself in smart contract, working essentially in the private sector, for traceability solutions (essentially for watchmakers, which is the main activity here).
    I teach smart contracts at the HEG and also applicability of smart contracts in industrial automation at FSRM
    I also have a small background in government related currencies. A quick scroll on my LinkedIn page should give you a hint about it.

  • Talk to Me is the leading partner for design, graphics, UI/UX studies. They are well known for transmedia experiences like Totemi, and their main challenge on the NEDAO project was to develop a UX that would allow onboarding even the less techies.

  • Uditis and Arcantel are both historical IT actors and have a massive experience in enterprise IT solutions. They can provide both infrastructure and full stack developments.

  • UNINE - Facutlé de Droit Is an important academic partner that has started research programs about DAO’s and their integration in the society. They will provide resources and publish papers along the project.

  • HEG’s Institut de Digitalisation des Organisations has its own name saying it all ! They work on modeling organizations and provide research that will help associations, foundations, SME’s and also big corporations, to include DAO mechanisms in some of their processes.

  • LE/AX is a law firm that has specialized in blockchain related businesses. They are notably behind the first incorporation of a company with a capital 100% funded in Bitcoin.

  • And finally, as institutional partners, we have the NECO, which has done an amazing work in the recent years, building a specialized ecosystem and helping companies to establish or relocate here. We can cite notably the Nym project, Condensat, and even people presumably involved in Eth2 development.

Contact : (a website dedicated to the association will be set online as the domain will be kept for the platform onboarding page)


Great idea! We would love to participate and share our experience!

Team name:

Logo URL, if any:

Describe your previous experience working with Aragon:
We managed to learn how to deploy and fully customize Aragon DAOs and install new applications. Managed to create our own Aragon App, forked and modified Agent App. Experimented with different governance models. Connected Agent proxy account with Etherscan Dapp interface and experimented connecting Agent to almost every DeFi service existing on the market.

Over the past 14 months we have successfully deployed and managed several DAO’s for mutual fund management, DeFi investing / yield farming, and NFT management.

Kind of services: Governance mechanisms advisory, aragonOS, Aragon client, Aragon Connect:
We provide DAO/DeFi consulting services, R&D, Governance mechanisms advisory as well as Aragon dapp development, web/app development, UI/UX consulting etc.

Email / contact info:




Previous Experience

You can find a showcase of past client work on our website. We have extensive full-stack Web3 experience covering DAOs, Defi, and developer tooling. We have recently been digging into Aragon as we have 2 active engagements that require it.


  • Full-Stack Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Project Management
  • Governance & Technical Consulting

Email / Contact


Project Name: MicroDefi

MicroDefi attempts to bring the power of DeFi to the traditional domain of Microfinance, thereby opening up the potential to expand DeFi to billions of the very poor. The project owners have been supporters of the Aragon DAO model from 2018. Current activities of MicroDefi include Consulting, creating Reference Implementations, and Policy Advocacy.


Would be happy to join the first cohort!

Name: Kirill Demishev

Experience with Aragon: Learned Aragon’s current capabilities, researched functionality of applications available, designed and created several DAO’s on rinkeby net.


Gautam Sampathkumar: “Kirill was a key part of our team and helped us on the Product management front bring a number of staking services for coins to market.”


  1. Aragon DAO design, implementation, consultation

  2. Product management

  3. Project management

  4. UI/UX advisory

  5. Marketing

Contact info:

I wish I can be in the Aragon Experts.

Name: Takeaki Kawai / baby-degu


Experience in Aragon:

  • Posted some translated Aragon-related articles.
    • Aragon tag was newly created.
  • Went through the Aragon repository. I have sent PR only once.

Kind of services

  • I would like to demonstrate the usefulness of DAO and disseminate information by fully utilizing the community I manage.
  • I want to start working as a DAO consultant around February 2021.

Email/Contact info


I’m a community owner but a newcomer in a blockchain/DAO field.

I know I need to expand the Aragon in Japan and I’m looking for a first step.

I’ve also applied to the Open Application in the two weeks ago.

I agree with the philosophy, but I need help.

Please let me know what I can do.

Team/individual name
Block Science, Inc. (BlockScience)

Logo URL, if any

Describe your previous experience working with Aragon
BlockScience is the creator of both the original Conviction Voting algorithm and cadCAD (complex adaptive dynamics Computer-Aided Design), open-source framework for research, design and validation of complex systems. Currently we are working with 1Hive and Aragon to upgrade, refactor, and create documentation that will allow community members to both understand the model and experiment with parameter choices and their impacts through simulation. Beyond our work on Conviction voting BlockScience works with a range of Aragon Ecosystem projects through the Commons Stack as well as education with a focus on computational social science applied to DAO design using cadCAD.

Provide a couple references or quotes from people that have worked with you before
“BlockScience brings the engineering rigor necessary to design and validate robust decentralized systems, including but not limited to DAOs. These complex systems can be powerful coordination tools or financial disasters just waiting to happen… and BlockScience can help ensure your system is the former rather than the latter.”
Luke Duncan
Core Contributor, Aragon
Founder, 1Hive

“BlockScience has been an important pioneer in the field of token engineering. In addition to serving as active practitioners, they contribute to tools, methods and education. Many of the BlockScience team members are active participants in DAOs in addition to those the firm has worked with.”
Trent McConaghy
Founder, Ocean Protocol

“The Danish Red Cross deals with long complex risk. This complex risk requires approaches to understand the drivers of such risks, or more particularly the damages caused, and the methods best employed to minimize such damage or loss. Our long-standing partnership with BlockScience, which spans multiple technology driven programs, seeks to address these complex dynamics through a data science lens; and more specifically the operational side of data science. With a focus on community driven goals, rather than financial profit, BlockScience is unique in that for the first time, non-profit and humanitarian organizations, like the Red Cross can engage world class data scientists to design, develop, and deploy complex models that leverage machine learning and AI to address some of our most fundamental challenges focused on saving lives and enhancing resilience. Our relationship with BlockScience has had a transformative impact in how the Red Cross quantifies impact and implements data driven programs.”
Adam Bornstein
Lead, Innovative Finance & Systems Change, Danish Red Cross

Additional References:
Griff Green - Co-founder, The Commons Stack and Founder,
Eden Dhaliwal- Global Managing Director, Conflux Network and Advisor, Outlier Ventures
Thibauld Favre - CEO and Co-founder, Fairmint
Sebnem Rusitschka - Founder, Freeelio

Kind of services:
Governance Mechanisms Advisory
Algorithmic Policy Design, Modeling, and Simulation
Token Engineering

Email / contact info


Team/Individual Name
DAObase / Jack Laing

Logo URL
Let me know if you need a different color

Previous Experience

  • I have covered Aragon and related projects for more than 1.5 years now, with one of the only newsletters specializing in DAOs:
  • I have also worked during the same period as the Governance Lead for Pocket Network, a proof-of-stake blockchain using Aragon for protocol governance. During this work, I have helped to design new use cases, such as moderation for DAOs, and I’m pioneering the use of Aragon Agreements with a DAO Constitution.
  • During this time, I have also honed a Lean Governance design philosophy that will help projects to design future-proof DAOs with maximum adaptability.


  • “After spending a week getting to know Jack at AraCon in Berlin, I knew I had to find a way to work together. After bringing him onboard to lead Pocket Network’s governance design and implementation, Jack has exceeded all expectations in the year and a half he has been with us. The care, thought and first principles thinking in designing Pocket’s governance from the ground up has put Pocket Network in a position to succeed as it scales. Throughout this process Jack has become, without a doubt, one of the leading minds in the decentralized governance space and I couldn’t be happier to be working with him.” Michael O’Rourke, CEO, Pocket Network
  • “Jack is one of the most thoughtful and deep thinkers in the governance space today. He not only deeply understands the specifics of blockchain technology, smart contracts and DAOs, but also the context around it. Governance is technical, but also political and Jack is able to grasp the details and the big picture. I have collaborated with Jack on a Governance lecture he did for Outlier Ventures earlier in the Summer and on his exceptional Pocket Network Constitution. I find the most groundbreaking insights come from people who ask the best questions. Jack is one of those people.” Lawrence Lundy-Bryan, Former Partner & Head of Research, Outlier Ventures
  • “Jack has one of the most refreshingly pragmatic perspectives I’ve seen in the DAO space, which is why we’re happy to have him advising projects in the Outlier Ventures ecosystem.” Jamie Burke, CEO, Outlier Ventures

Governance strategy, governance mechanisms advisory, blockchain governance, constitutional design (for Aragon Agreements), cryptoeconomics, DAO ops/tooling

Contact Info
jack at daobase dot org


Previous experience

Panda Power comes from the ancient East. Inherited the furious temper of big panda, it will expand the territory for the Kingdom of Aragon and help establish its central base in the East — Aragon China. As the evangelist of Web3 spirit, Panda Power will build a Web 3 empire and keep spreading the spirits of the decentralized autonomous governance in this country with a long history of centralized authority.


  • Blockchain & DApp & DeFi Development , especially Aragon DApp Development
  • DAO Governance & Technical Consulting
  • Help projects or teams connect with China’s high-quality resources and expand the Chinese market . We maintain close cooperation with China’s most influential communities, media, investors, and KOLs


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The Aragon Experts pilot program has begun! Congratulations everyone! :tada:


PS: If you’d like to update the content of your profile, DM me!

cc: @Yalor @jomarip @jierdin @Fabio @densmirnov @dOrgJelli @microdefi @kirill @nottakis @nickbsci @jacklaing @taosue


Awesome idea!

Name: Mathew Cormier
Logo: None, or you can take my Github account photo if it fits the design:


Mathew is a software engineer who has been working on various Aragon-related projects for the last 2 years, including aragonCLI, Aragon Toolkit and Espresso Drive.

He also helped organizations such as Curve Finance, bZx, Metaboss and Bittopia build experimental and production DAOs. Feel free to contact any of those organizations for references.

Additionally, Mathew has been a recipient of an Aragon Nest grant in 2018 as part of the Espresso team and is actively working on new Ethereum projects.


  • DApp development
  • DAO strategies, architecture and implementation

Contact information:

Currently booked until October.

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Hi where in here is the proper place to receive conversion help?

thank you for sharing with us, its really helpful…

Good morning,
I am trying to open the Aragon wallet but it won’t open. Last time I opened it about 2 years ago. Do I need to download another newer version of the wallet to get my Aragons back? How should I do?

I think it would make sense if Aragon Experts share there Infos here on the forum or somewhere else publicly so once someone paid for an Expert and someone else has a very similar issue s/he doesn’t have to pay an expert again but instead just read the support/expert documentation. Perhaps there can be a ANT/ERC20/BCH etc. donation button to support the person who paid for the expert and the experts. Perhaps you can build up a Aragon Expert Course using such a tool where users can see different issues and find a course related to exactly this issue and go through it and learn it.