Aragon Discord/Telegram/Discourse Plugin

Aragon can create plugins for discourse forums so they can easily upgrade their community to a DAO

Or Telegram as you do with dicord now :mechanical_arm:


Great idea!

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I think the most useful plugin would be where a community can create a token and then set parameters like every member gets x UBI each day if they login. Then they can use Aragon Voice to create proposals and vote on stuff. They can tip post. So this plugin would make every discourse into a DAO with its own token economics.

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Hi @Mouyou,
Integrating Discourse forums with Aragon Voice seems a quite interesting functionality - we’d need to look a bit further when it comes to creating/publishing this sort of plugin, but I’ll make sure to forward the suggestion to the team :muscle: thanks!


@isabella ,

Discourse is easily my most preferred Social Media app - I am using 28 Discourse sites so far! - including Discourse Meta - and the Android app makes it SO convenient for tracking them all . .

The possibility of Discourse + DAO is a really great idea!


Aragon Voice is coupled with a token so i think without a token creation tool aragon voice is useless.

Perhaps a Vocdoni plugin is a good start so no token required. I think to have Aragon Voice and Vocdoni is a bit confusing. I would like to see just Aragon Voice with two sub-categories #token-voting & #member-voting

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Love this idea. Looping in @ramon so that he can provide some further instructions on how to submit this as feature request and run a vote with ANT holders on it.


That is an interesting idea . .

@Mouyou can you expand on this please? How do you see the difference between the 2?

This is how i understand it:

  • aragon voice is that anyone can create and vote on proposals with erc20 tokens. (#token-voting)
  • vocdoni is creating and voting on proposals via member credentials (#member-voting)

perhaps better token-voice (the voice of the token holders)/ member-voice (the voice of the organisation members) cause you can vote and create proposals