Aragon DAOs In The Wild: Mega-Thread

A big list of cool Aragon DAOs in the wild. Each post is a wiki, so feel free to edit or split the comment into itโ€™s own thread :slight_smile:

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SaintFame :white_check_mark:

StakeDAO :white_check_mark:


What is the difference between DAOnuts and ethTrader?

BrightID :white_check_mark:

BlankDAO :white_check_mark:

@Mouyou linked to your awesome pages on a lot of these because you already aggregated all the data I would have added anyways. If you wanted to copy some of that stuff here so that the community could collaborate on and discuss these projects that would be cool. Until then quite happy linking to your website as itโ€™s very useful and easy to find stuff :slight_smile:

Thank you. I will add my stuff i found here like you did with the link to the site?

I like it a lot that you can do a wiki out of a post this is perfect.

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