Aragon DAO Consultants; Negative tokens?; "Paying it Forward"?

Yeah, I was certainly seeing it for Aragon specific consultants!

The token set sounds dope. You can create a DAO that pools those tokens, and use Redemptions to allow people to exchange the DAO’s token for a proportional share of the underlying personal tokens. Hit me up if you are planning to build that!

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yes, I will, its cool to practice bonding curves for 24h :crazy_face: see you there

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16 Dreams of DAO tradable NFT tickets left for testnet DAO creation:

Every person who learns how to set up a DAO at no cost potentially becomes a paid consultant.

Goal: To speed up Aragon DAO adoption by providing incentives to become skilled at setting up and running DAOs, and by cultivating a large pool of skilled DAO consultants, provide readily available talent and best practices needed to stimulate interest in and fulfill demand for DAOs, and enable them to flourish for the long term.

You can read more about the Dreams of DAO initiative here: Funding Proposal: Test the Viability of DAO Consultants

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@luis I decided to go with a lighter and funner approach via the Dreams of DAO initiative.

Overly complex structures and processes tend to always suffer from inordinate delay and stagnation. When things become complicated with a steep learning curve, they cease to become timely, spontaneous, and efficient. The more steps, the more can go wrong. A very involved process also ends up killing creativity, enthusiasm, and motivation.

So I want to help people learn by playing, to become engaged in immersive learning and rapid prototyping of as many Aragon DAOs as possible, to test as many different structures and business models as the mind can conceive, in the shortest time, and while utilizing the least amount of resources.

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