Aragon DAO Community Snapshot Vote on Unclaimed Funds

Hello Aragon DAO members - there is a vote going around right now gauging DAO opinion on what will happen with the unclaimed funds after the redemption process closes. No vote was ever held on the redemption process to begin with, so encourage everyone to vote here.

The snapshot was taken at the time the redemption was announced (Nov. 2, 16:00 UTC or so), so if you had wrapped ANT then, you can vote! Vote ends Nov. 10.

I did not create this - just thought it would be good to share here in case anyone hadn’t seen it yet.

I see that only ANT WHALES, “people who care about ANT holders,” vote for that. It seems like whales are trying to drain the last penny from the Aragon project/mission

Small ANT holders have likely sold their tokens long time ago. Having a one token-one vote means that large holders are much more interested in governance than small ones, since they have more at stake. It’s similar with listed companies, by the way. Is it your first time in a DAO?

Regardless, it’s comical that you’re still clinging on this “mission” scammy narrative while:

  • They openly said that they didn’t want to be a DAO any more,
  • They comitted 51% attacks to vote themselves large increases in budget, “salary farmed” and disrespected votes to make AragonDAO a real DAO,
  • The founder, likely 51% attacked another DAO funded by Aragon to appropriate the treasury.

And now they’re leaving with 50M$ of investor’s money, without any proper track record, plans, roadmap, ownership structure or indication about how the money will be used. Gensler isn’t the regulator crypto wants, but really what it deserves at this point.

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As this vote has one of the largest (I believe THE largest) turnout of any vote, we have moved forward with a formal proposal to begin next steps (, the IPFS works, although we noticed two other proposals apparently did not need IPFS in order to pass.

I guess you are talking about Vote #0 and #4.
these proposals have a working IPFS link but the website doesn’t show them properly…
You can follow Lido’s guide on how to decode the EVM script stored in the vote:

Here are the transactions that created these votes:
#0 =
#4 =

Here are the links to the IPFS documents
#0 = mkdn | Viewer

#4 =

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I see you, the person who truly cares about ANT holders, has spent much time protesting against the voteless draining of the dao’s 86,343 ETH

We didn’t vote to use 86,343 ETH and we also didnt vote for the team to keep $50mil of that either

(see Snapshot proposal in where they self-appointed)

Some of the members of this oversight committee seem to have participated also in the multisig that was supposed to steward the forked funds from Rook DAO and which took money that was meant for holders. These people are not to be trusted.

They dumped all ROOK given to them as part of migration on unsuspecting 1inch orders and then split 3 ways to multisig signers in secret. Not even to ROOK holders or migrators. This is 450k stolen LOL.

I wonder when will they make their next hit.


Letting them dump ANT tokens after redemption instead of giving the team $50m? Where do I sign?

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Still, this $50 million will be used for the Aragon mission, and all of you want to take all the money, make a profit, and then disappear

Hi fellow DAO member

How was the treasury raised?

Was the dissolution voted for?

What happens to dead supply?

In what world do you think this is okay for team members that want to create DAO tooling just gift themselves investor owned / DAO owned funds? Without a single vote

All while double dipping their own tokens.

What we want is quite simple.

Governance, Fairness and honesty.

Point to one thing that had any of that in the AAs idea of a solution? Ill wait

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Sounds like the team wanted all the money to themselves in the first place… hmm sounds like someone is projecting

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AragonDAOMember is proud member since 4hrs ago

Aragon Team has a massive amount of ANT tokens (and they would have even more if they didn’t sell so much in the past years). They are the ones benefitting the most already from this redemption, and can continue the “mission” with their funds. It would probably be much more motivating for them to start the new journey with skin in the game.

Furthermore, no one here is against a reasonable funding of the private company, just not with 50M$, and with 0 oversights. It has been tried in the past 6 years, we saw how it evolved.

Would anyone from the proposal creators group care to answer this? @Dcasares @alex-arca
This is pretty serious.

The individual above is a known troll. The action of multisig increased cash available to holders by 5%, as half of this cash was returned after a governance vote (Snapshot). This is a non issue. Furthermore, the Oversight Committee does not have control over any funds, so the argument that these individuals would somehow be able to take money from this process is ridiculous.

So your plan is to:

  1. Ask for the 300k that are left in the DAO to cover for legal expenses for you.
  2. Keep up to 10% of any potential funds “recovered” from this case.
  3. All this… while capping the returns of any potential financiers?

Did I get this right?

If so… nice move ser :laughing:

or the team could do the right thing and put it to a vote themselves instead of stealing it?

the theft is the only reason a lawsuit against Joan, Luis and co. is being pursued. Reverse the theft, with an apology, and there is no chance for the 300k & %age fees you are aggrieved about.

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I’m fairly certain the token holders will vote for this instead of the team stealing $50mil.

Funny way Zach has of framing such a common good for all token holders.

Clearly Zach think’s its better the team steal the $50mil without a governance vote.

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What do you mean? Aragon team works for a good cause, DAOs will bring peace to the whole world, it’s definitely not for giving themselves fat salaries and bonuses!

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Or accelerating vesting to reward themselves many years of future hard work.

Hell the new company doesn’t actually need any funds - the team are already paid up for years to come.

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