Aragon DAC Chiang Mai Meetup

As part of our Flock Proposal, The Aragon DAC committed to supporting Aragon with In person Events, and we had our second official event last night :smiley:

Griff and Lorelei managed the presentation, Kris recorded it, Jeremy answered questions and Chris as well as everyone else helped get people set up with metamask and cipher accounts.

We also had other members of the Ethereum community attend, Jeff from Giveth, Holly formerly of OmiseGo, Lion from DappNode, and Ryan from Colony.

The primary goal was to was to demo the Aragon Client.

It would be considered a success if we had a DAO with more then 8 people and 2 other DAOs deployed.

The strategy was to create a DAO for the Chiang Mai Crypto Community and use that as an example to show people what they can do with it.

The results:

We had a very successful meet up!

We had 2 other DAOs created, meeting our goal, one DAO actually minted a token to our DAO and the other DAO had further interactions after the meetup!

We were able to successfully on board 24 people to the CryptoCM DAO: this was more then 1/2 the people at the meetup.

We had this great success by walking around before the meet up began and showing people how to create a Cipher wallet or a Metamask account, we encouraged everyone to bring their computer but still about 1/2 the people only had a phone (to be expected).

We posted a thread in a Facebook group where everyone could post their address so we could send them Rinkeby ETH and CMC DAO tokens.

While we created our CryptoCM DAO, other people were encouraged to create their own DAO.

Here is the video:

When we had the DAO set up, we changed the permissions to allow Lorelei to mint tokens and then had a lot of fun making votes and discussing many other topics, such as:

  • How DAOs work on Aragon, voting, permissions, etc.
  • The value of ANT as a governance token and for dispute resolution
  • Liquid Democracy
  • Giveth’s Curry Model (Token bonding curves + Curation markets)
  • Blockchains as a jurisdiction
  • Building custom DAOs
  • And much more!

Oh I forgot the most important part!


Interactive demos are a killer vehicle for understanding and generating excitement. People want to be part of a DAO.

It takes a lot of time to get people started on ethereum, they have to download the app, write down 12 words, then you have to send them Rinkeby… It worked out for us, but i forgot about the 12 words, we were lucky that there were lots of pens and paper around.

We need to get solid mobile support for Rinkeby DAOs.

I tested a few mobile wallets, Status would just load a white page, and I couldn’t figure out how to get the Rinkeby network up on Trust

It seemed like, when you turn the phone sideways, cipher worked great. But it doesn’t… you can’t vote in your DAO!

This was the biggest fail, we had people proposing some really fun votes, some were trying to change permissions, one was trying to steal all the money, one vote was for me to do pushups! But it was only people who brought their laptops and the people trying to use their phone couldn’t actively participate.

Also, people really love our product, its easy to use, and has way better UX than most dapps on the market.

There was a lot of desire for delegated voting.

In Thailand, non-Thais can not own more than 49% of a business, so if you wanted to start a biz as an expat here, an Aragon DAO could make sense.