Aragon Crowdfunding

Would be nice if CFDAO would have an interface like

There has been some discussion about a “fundraising portal” being built once the Fundraising app is on mainnet, but not sure if/when that will happen. Agree that the UI for proposals in general could be made a bit more visual and interactive so people can better evaluate proposals! That said I’m glad we have this MVP to test with that allows us to create a proposal in the Aragon client and link to further information here in the forum.

what do you think about the domain for the fundraising portal? a place to play with aragon tools and community? I like the domain because it tells people that its a game so its fun and people like to play games. I would like to see tutorials there and an idea portal and and incubator and bug bounties. is the portal to access all this.

I don’t have a strong opinion about it! Although depending on the nature of the fundraising portal, maybe “play” isn’t the best branding for it. I generally don’t “play” with my money, on the contrary I’m quite serious about it.

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I agree that you don’t / shoudn’t play with your money and aragon shoudn’t promote playing with your money. I was more thinking about working becomes playing. So working in the aragon ecosystem should be more like a game. start aragon -> play dao

That’s what I mean by “the nature of the fundraising portal”. Now what you’re talking about doesn’t sound like a fundraising portal, but a portal for people to find DAOs to work for (in a gamified way).

yes I agree its more then CFDAO because CFDAO is only for Aragon specific infrastructure correct and not general products like ride sharing etc. I was thinking about something not only for aragon but for all DAOs connected to Aragon. So people go to and there they can share ideas. then people can contribute to the idea and then people work on the idea and then people fund the idea. Each idea is its own DAO. so funding is the last stage. 1. Idea stage 2. planning stage 3. execution stage. in the last stage there is the funding. so its a portal to create products out of ideas from the community for the community.

Neat :slight_smile: sounds kind of like the old Assembly platform (unfortunately it shut down in 2015)

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nice exactly or like which is not on the blockchain but its a platform where people come together to create value together. I think there are so many communities out there which like to have a tool to work together on projects. Aragon can and is already creating a general toolkit so this could be possible in the future like slack but for participation ownership within projects. A Dashboard like this for example