Aragon Crash Test Online Workshop - Feedback pls

Hi there, it’s Max from DAO incubator (dgov, commons stack etc…). We come across a plenty of ideas for potential DAO and tooling. So we’ve launched a workshop to test and improve the ideas as one of the answers to that. Here’re the reports from the first and second workshops.

In short idea is we collect say 20 people and break them into 4-5 teams. Each team has an idea to test. Spokespeople from each team go to the next team, pitches, receives the critical feedback, comes back to improve the pitch, everything repeats with the next team. So it’s kinda self help group, more info on the format here.

What i’d like to propose for the next workshop (Jun 26 preliminary) – is to focus on Aragon network and also include the governance proposals to the list. So if you have

  • DAO idea
  • Aragon Nest or Flock idea
  • Governance Proposal (AGP)

you can come and improve it through the workshop. I also invite Aragon teams (Association, One, Black etc) to bring their expertise and play with new ideas.

Please let me know what you think about it and if you’d like to take part in it. Thanks!


Hi @MaxSemenchuk good initiative. Where are you hosting this events?

Also the first two link are broken.

It’s online.
Links are right, it seems the forum is down – will check.
Thanks for the feedback!

Hey @MaxSemenchuk our little project from last workshop is maturing, does it qualify for another round? :slightly_smiling_face:

btw. Website to launch soon and was about to reach out to you anyway after that.

Hey there, thanks for the proposal. Are the only testable things “ideas” (in opposition to products or else…)?

  • DAO idea: Maybe some DAO ideas could go there, but I’m not convinced of relevancy
  • Aragon Nest or Flock idea: are we talking about product features or entire projects and grants?
  • AGPs: Could be interesting to do it with ANV#3 AGPs to see what comes out although this would be pure ‘experimentation’ I guess

@markoprljic of course – would love to see you there

@LouisGrx it works for any concepts, though it would help more early-stage ideas. This will accelerate learning a lot.

  • DAO Idea – you can test the specific DAO mechanics or target audience hypotheses
  • Nest: It can be a community project idea, new app or a feature
  • For sure – it’s all about polishing and hearing the different opinions

Am happy to inform that forum (and links) work :slight_smile:

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