Aragon Cooperative DAO Extraordinary General Meeting

Hear Ye, Hear Ye :bell: :bell: :bell:

Due to current events, let’s propose to hold an:

Aragon Cooperative DAO Extraordinary General Meeting

Tuesday 21st May


What Time?
To Be Decided here, all times are UTC.
(admittedly more clunky but free/open doodle alternative, poll closes 6am UTC 20190520)

Can I please call a temporary Moratorium on all further new forum threads and votes regarding the Coop until we have had the opportunity to discuss this en masse

This could well require 2hrs, with 1st hour being the primary event. Please consider this when filling in your choices regarding the above time-slot poll.

Can I also suggest we provide safe uninterrupted discussion spaces, with initially perhaps 5 minute slots and 5 minutes of general questions. To hopefully avoid the same people dominating further discussion we could do with some mechanism so each voice has potential to be heard (method tbc). If a respected 3rd-party community member (w. no obvious affiliation to any party in this conflicted situation) is willing to chair this meeting, we would be very grateful.

This meeting will be recorded and shared via usual Coop channels.

All Coop members (inc those on keybase currently without MBR Tokens) and all interested parties are invited to attend (though if not a Coop-keybase-member please refrain from voting on the time-slot poll).

Props to the DGOV Crew for convincing my thoughts that an attempt to clear the air is worthwhile:

And also to @light’s recent tweets regarding the seemingly still evidently simmering tensions regarding the fallout from bitcoin ‘civil wars’ – from over 5 years ago ^^. Let’s not go there…


I think, there is too much short notice to calling for this kind of meeting and really doubt the community will engage.
Still, I will be happy to join this but only if we do it in an AMA format with a tough and impartial moderator. @burrrata any thoughts?

Anyhow… here a Megathread as regard what’s happening: Megathread Aragon Cooperative Mainnet Votes: The Hunger Games!

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[Addendum to 1st post]
Here’s a barebones agenda for the above Extraordinary General Meeting:
Please add details if you can attend this potentially crucial event. If unable to attend, please leave your name and potential date that you could attend a General Meeting in the Notes section of the Agenda (I can also add those names as ‘apologies’ to the document). Thx in adv