Aragon Community Buldling in Valencia Spain

After delivering a keynote I named Making Sense Out of DAOs this june in the Non Central Conf in Leon Spain, I was contacted by one of the representatives of Avalbit, the first spanish association created to promote knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, who asked me to go to their HQ in Valencia to share a 30 minutes keynote about DAOs.

This talk (which will be based on the previous one shared, but won’t be the same) will be held next October 25th, and its scoped to train the audience into what is a DAO, why this new organizations are so important, ending with a practical demo of Aragon apps function so the audience can have an introduction to Aragon product.

With this funding proposal, I’m asking the community to accept covering my travel costs that I estimate and summarize here below:

Total: 243 € ~= 270 DAI (conversion rate from + a couple of bucks for exchange fees)

Some info about Avalbit Community:
• Meetup 1.288
• Twitter 1.099
• Facebook 7.870

They do monthly meetups around different crypto topics and each of them are attended statistically by 35-50 people.

The keynote will be recorded by Avalbit which I could be sharing in this community when ready.


brief update… This is the proposed (draft) poster for announcing the Meetup.

If this proposal gets approved, it seems fair to me adding the Aragon logo as sponsors as well. Keeping this post open for comments, I’ll launch the vote in the CFDAO tomorrow if no challenges are approached by the community here.

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created Vote#24 in CFDAO

Sounds a good place to engage with. Carlos Buendia was there some years ago talking about the Metropolis fork. I support your proposal.

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brief update, the date of the meetup has been changed by the organizers, now is set to be on Nov the 8th.

here the Meetup invite in case you know someone in Valencia, Spain that might be interested in going :slight_smile:

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Hello there! Here the presentation made in Valencia. Would love to have feedback from the Aragon spanish speaking community and know their if people would support me in continuing doing such an evangelization work about DAOs and Aragon.