Aragon Collaboration Tools

There’s a growing number of people in the Aragon ecosystem. These people organize into teams. Teams need to share data in order to get stuff done. This data is usually in the form of written documents, audio and video meetings, and code.

Every time an individual joins a team or interacts with a team there’s always the question of “what apps do you use?” This results in lots of wasted time coordinating, downloading, and setting up applications. In the best case this adds friction to effective coordination and collaboration, and in the worst case the tools don’t work and collaboration is blocked.

Every team is unique so it makes sense for teams to choose tools that are a good fit for them. At the same time, it’s important that people in the Aragon ecosystem can easily collaborate. With this in mind, it seems beneficial to adopt “standard” communications infrastructure that is free and open for anyone to use. These tools would be documented so that everyone in the Aragon ecosystem could install and use them. It would then be expected that everyone in the ecosystem understands and has access to these tools. This would greatly simply communication and collaboration across the ecosystem. Teams would still be able to adapt their workflows to what works for them, but there would also be a standard workflow to fall back on when engaging with the broader Aragon ecosystem.


Generally, the Aragon community uses Aragon Chat for chat (short, quick, ephemeral comms), this forum for longer-form discussion, GitHub for code and documentation collaboration, and the wiki + help desk + dev portal for documentation hosting. Each team has their own task management tool but at Aragon One we use Flow. What do you think is missing?

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Problems I have encountered have mostly been around document writing/editing and video calls and recording. There’s tons of apps for these, but there doesn’t seem to be a standard.

For docs people seem to be using HackMD or Google Docs, which seems to work ok. HackMD is open source, but the comments are not the best. Google docs is great, but it’s Google. Both of these work for now, but teams often spend a great deal of time deciding which one to use. Not sure if there’s better apps out there or if we should pick one to use as the default?

For video calls people seem to be using Hangouts, Zoom, and Jitsi. Hangouts only lets you record if you have an enterprise subscription, Jitsi requires dropbox to record, and not sure about Zoom. @joeycharlesworth and I spent a few hours trying to record our Nest Analysis & Strategy presentation, but repeatedly failed due to feature constraints or technical errors. Since lots of teams and working groups use video calls for meetings it seems important to have a standard for this that everyone can use.

P.S. @light the Flow link seems to not be working

A few things I believe to be missing here are:

1) A shared Google drive.

Not all information needs to be 100% public. Lots of information such as User Interviews / Market Research analysis etc would be valuable for Flock & Nest teams to share.

2) A shared CRM system

Something like would enable us to have visibility on each of our networks. This in turn can help Aragon teams leverage each others networks to identify and onboard new organisations that would be a strong fit for Aragon.

It also helps avoid duplication of work between respective teams. If Aragon One has spent X months and Y meetings convincing one blockchain project to use Aragon, it makes sense to be able to easily piggy back off that relationship to cross-promote products from other teams.

So useful for a) Organisation Discovery, b) Deal Pipeline tracking, c) Deal closing, d) Cross-promotion of products and e) avoiding duplicating work.

3) A shared customer support portal. (I think Aragon One is using Helpscout). Being able to view customer support tickets is an essential part of any of the team’s product and feature development strategy.

All teams being on the same support portal also facilitates routing support tickets to the best agent to deal with the client’s request.



We have a recommended tooling list :slight_smile:

Thanks @luis