Aragon Buidler plugin - beta is out!

Hey Aragon devs!! I bring you great news from the SDK working group :sunglasses:

In the next few days, we should be releasing the first official version of the Aragon Buidler plugin. This is a development specific tool designed to greatly simplify and improve DX for Aragon apps. More importantly, our roadmap intends to deprecate all the development oriented commands from the Aragon CLI and move them to this plugin. So yes, this will soon become the official way of developing Aragon apps. And the ONLY way.

The good news is that the tool is basically one big red button. You’re gonna love it!

Try it out

All you need to do is run:

  1. npx create-aragon-app my-app buidler
  2. cd my-app
  3. npm start

This fetches a copy of the Buidler boilerplate, which is a minimalistic Aragon project based on the Aragon Buidler plugin. When started, you should see a bunch of things going on in your terminal and, sooner rather than later, a browser window should pop up with a running Counter app.

Please keep in mind that this is extremely experimental at the moment. If you run into any issues, please raise them in the aragon/buidler-aragon repo.

Hot reloading on steroids :rocket:

Now, go ahead and make a change in my-app/app/src/App.js. You should get hot reloading for the front end of the Counter app. Seen that one before, right?

Ok. Now make a change to my-app/contracts/CounterApp.sol. Yep, contracts are hot reloaded as well. It even hot reloads changes to my-app/app/src/script.js.

Why Buidler? :construction_worker_man:

If you don’t know what Buidler is, it’s basically an alternative to Truffle. At least you can start by looking at it that way (it really is much, much more).

We’ve chosen Buidler because of its superb modular structure, and its exotic features like Solidity stack traces and console logs. Most of these features are not working in the plugin yet, but they will very soon.

Documentation :open_book:

There’s still no official documentation out in the wild yet, but you should find some in the plugin’s main readme, and in the Buidler boilerplate.

Don’t hesitate to jump into the SDK working group conversation and ask questions.

The future of the Aragon CLI :surfing_woman:

The Buidler plugin is not intended to replace the Aragon CLI, at least not all of it: Only its development commands.

The idea is that, as we move forward in our roadmap, the CLI tends to be a tool for power users instead of developers. It will be complimentary to development tools like this plugin. During the migration, if the plugin doesn’t provide a feature that you need, you can always use the CLI to fill that gap.

Give us feedback :mag:

We’re building this tool for you, so your feedback at this stage can go a really long way. We want to build the perfect tool, so we promise to listen to any crazy feature requests.

If you have any feedback for us, you can post it here, or jump into our chat for a more lively discussion. We basically hang around there 24/7.



Amazing. Can we use that plugin to fix our Aragon DAO; Mayuyaland?

The plugin is mainly for app development. But what is it that needs fixing in your DAO?

Our DAO is an Open Project template and we want to include an app to set up a crowdfunding campaign. Also, we want to be able to create games like Shogi,Go , Tarot, Skat, Xianq Qi, Mahjong, Chaturanga, Chess, Chinese Checkers, 4P Checkers, Backgammon, Domino, Scopa ,Mexican Lottery and Casino Games. Is the Buidler ready to let users be ready to create these kind of games…

Certainly. The plugin is ideal for quickly prototyping Aragon apps. You should give it a try. If you have any questions, head over to We’ll be happy to help!

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