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:hatching_chick: Nest Grant 1 $192.4k ($152.4k + $50k in ANT)

:hatching_chick: Nest Grant 2 $152k ($102k + $50k in ANT)

:eagle: Flock Grant $512.5k ($450k + 125k ANT)

Aragon Black is a team whose core members come majoritarily from the Pando Network team [mostly known in the ecosystem for the development of the pando protocol]. The Pando Network team has been working closely with the Aragon ecosystem for almost a year now and has been the recipient of two Aragon Nest grants: [1 & 2].

To strengthen its commitment to the Aragon movement, the Pando Network team has decided to apply to the Flock program as Aragon Black . This first Flock proposal covers six months of work. However, if the Aragon community lends us its trust, we intend to re-apply to this program on the long run.

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What have they built?

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The purpose of Pando is to provide a decentralized alternative to the git / github workflow.

Fundraising App

Aragon Fundraising, previously called Apiary, is an app built on top of Aragon, providing Aragon users an easy way to raise funds through an emergent organization.

Who’s using it?

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What are they currently working on?

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