Aragon Awesome List

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:information_source: Find places to get more educated about Aragon

23 "Learn more about Aragon
32 “find all Aragon Blog Posts”
50 “See the Aragon Roadmap”
56 “Infos about Aragon Governance”
02 “find all Aragon Governance Proposals”
08 “Find infos how to contribute to Aragon”
14 “Infos around the Flock Grants”
19 “Infos around the Nest Grants”
40 “Links to important Aragon Information”
44 “Common questions and support documentation”
48 “Watch Aragon Youtube Videos (Talks, Meetings etc.)”
53 “Aragon News on Twitter”

:joystick: Find Sites for Aragon Developer

44 “What you need to get started building with Aragon”
48 “Guides to get started building on Aragon”
52 “Aragon Bug Bounties”

:mag_right: Find Explorer

10 “real time insights into economics & governance”
15 “real time insights into ANT token”
22 “Insights into Aragon Funds and Spending”
26 “Explore Aragon Organizations & Apps”

:package: Find Aragon Products & Services

02 “Create your own organization in a few minutes”
07 “Aragon Court is a dispute resolution protocol”
11 “A public blockchain optimized for Aragon Organizations”

:speech_balloon: Get in Contact with the Aragon Community

56 “Welcome to the official Aragon Forum”
01 "Welcome to the official Aragon Chat

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please tag the list otherwise it will never be found again :slightly_frowning_face:

If the list is useful people will reference it. Also, what tag do you have in mind?