Aragon Association Treasury Update

Hey All,

We wanted to provide you with an high level update on the Aragon Treasury in advance of the Transparency report H2 coming out.

Currently the Aragon Association Treasury is sitting at a value above $330 million.

The treasury continues to be made up predominantly of ETH, BTC, ANT & USDC making up 95% of the Treasury. The Association is committed to maintaining the majority of the Treasury in decentralised Assets.

The other 5% of the treasury is made up of Weth, Bal, USD, GTC, securities, EUR and some other smaller holdings.

The Aragon Association will be undertaking a fresh risk analysis, a rebalancing exercise and an analysis of Decentralised staking platforms over the coming weeks to make sure the Aragon Project is in a position to scale quickly into 2022.

The first fund transfers to the AN DAO has begun see here:Sablier | Real-Time Finance

This is an exciting development in the Aragon Project. These funds will be governed exclusively by the ANT Holders in the AN DAO.

Disclaimer: Asset prices and allocations correct at posting 29/10/2021


Thanks! Appreciate the update and transparency