Aragon Association Transparency

Request to have more transparency and information easily available around the Aragon Association, Aragon Ecosystem Association, Aragon Shield Foundation and any other entities around the Aragon DAO.

All links required to verify their registration and existence should be easily available on the website.

All documents relevant, articles/charters/constitutional documents should be also easily available on the website. All past versions of documents and any mutations/changes should also be easily available.

Aragon DAO talks about transparency however it is still hard and time consuming to find all this information, we should make it easy for new prospective users and buyers of the token to understand and get important disclosure around the structure, liabilities, persons - any relevant information easily - it should not take asking on the forum or discord many times without answers. It also should not be behind private links.

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@Joan_Arus Could we have some clarity here please

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(@Shawncubbedge despite its appearance this serious commentary reflecting on the silence)

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Payments page by Aragon Association are offline. Doesn’t seem transparent…

I think there are some issues with that IPFS Node you may have to switch it in settings, you can ping the support in discord. You can always follow the transactions on-chain though or in

I can help on one of those when you wrap you agree to be a member of the AEA (Aragon Ecosystem Association) as a member, you can see it in the box that you agree to when wrapping. Linking them bellow though.

DAO Participation agreement -

AEA Articles of association -

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Still offline… does it take over 15 hours to get this fixed?

Where are those documents accessible on the main UI? First time seeing these

It is on the wrapping page, which you can see below (Aragon DAO Participation Agreement):

It was back-live when I sent that message; you may have to refresh your cookies to force the node to update. Any issues open a support ticket

Thanks @AClay for the response, i have already seen the AEA articles, @Joan_Arus Still looking to see things relating to AA rather than AEA


been a busy day i see @Joan_Arus

but still no Aragon Association articles/charters/constitutional documents

this also seems like the easiest

no interpretation necessary, just a simple copy paste job