Aragon Association - The Delays, The Lies, The Lack of Transparency and the Failure to Produce

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Ant holder for last 1.5 years, reading the above seems like there is fraud being committed to some degree by AA . I am looking into possible next steps with my team.


i think it is called wire fraud


It is a shame that ANT holders are so desperate for a minimum of consideration that we have to reach this level of contestation. I think the AA is in a position where they feel that they don’t need to report anything to holders and are free to explore solutions as they please. This is very very wrong.

I am also convinced that Joan, Luis, and the rest of the AA members have been making some progress, but keeping everyone out of the loop when this should be a discussion for the DAO to find the most consensual and fair outcome for everyone is not a good practice. There should be more transparency about the data and the potential outcome available here.

I have been crunching data with what is available and this should be the basis for discussing the next step. But this is only the public data, not the data that should have been provided by AA.

Here is where we sit currently:

Now how do we move from there to the right solution within the realm of possibilities? No clue, because the AA is staying silent and keeping everyone out of the loop.


I’m sure the judge will like this :slight_smile:

hello thank you for this post, I think this summarizes a lot of frustrations over the last few months !

all we are asking for is transparency and it is now 6 months without any sort of meaningful update ~~

I can understand that some things are confidential (any sort of deal with another party for instance), but it’s rarely an issue to share the general direction of the plan to get DAO feedback. At the end of the day, any solution, deal or otherwise, would need to be voted upon and approved by the DAO anyways, so it’s better to involve the DAO in building the path as we go as opposed to potentially putting a lot of work and realizing the vast majority do not support it


Why did the AA stop publishing the transparency reports in Q3 2021?! You can’t blame said, "RFV raiders"in fact, something had been brewing before.

Why has the AA been inactive, while pocketing the checks? It has clearly failed at its fiduciary duty, it has lied to the token holders and didn’t respect the transparency requirements. Aragon, as a project, has been around for 6 years now, still doesn’t have a sustainable revenue stream, is stuck on a perpetual beta with 0 strategy, execution capability, nor guidance.

We’re still waiting for this Arbitrum deployment, after 4 months. Maybe we should increase the budget to 10M$? 30M$ 100M$/year? What is enough to satisfy your greed, or take you out of apathy?

Anyway, Joan told us about a resolution in October (how many months late?). If it doesn’t come or if it’s just yet another insider capture (something Aragon is a master of, it seems), I’ll join the lawsuit against the AA. My wife will be very pleased to go back to Switzerland anyway.


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No transparency reports have been published recently, and about 10 emails have been left on deaf ears.

Similarly how the other AA members besides Joan have even failed to publicly comment in the last 6months.

When does the grift stop?

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It is now November 1st: marking the 4th month of missed deadlines

are we surpised?

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Please be informed that I stepped down from my position on the AA committee in early October, due to disagreements with the project’s direction.

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What do you disagree with? or is this to disassociate due to legal worries