Aragon Association Must be Stopped

Well it looks like the AA is ready to pay themselves! A bit weird that they are so quick to get themselves paid while they continue to delay action for 4 months. Or not fulfill their duties on a simple token swap Unwinding PrimeDAO <> Aragon Token Swap - #19 by AntHolder check the replies here - the story is telling.

Even contributors are fed up with the AA:


It is now October 31st - the month that was stated multiple times that there should be an update within the beginning of the month…then within the month… now this week?

here are screen captures of all the timeline changes: Update from Aragon Association (AA) - #12 by AntHolder

They said you can never trust one who cannot make their deadlines - and this whose in charge of the treasury? So we get 4 months of delays but the AA is NEVER late to pay themselves, strange.

It is time for change. This snippet is from our own AA member talking about the exact thing his team is doing… @Joan_Arus

Tagging other AA too: @luis @joeycharlesworth @stefanobernardi


Wow! Where does the grift stop?

Do you have the link to the payment vote page?

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Not only have these Committee payments been initiated for the AA, but members of the AA were busy paying bonuses a week ago instead of engaging ANT holders in this solution they’ve conjured up all by themselves. How is it possible that being so perfectly timely when it comes to bonuses is manageable, but communication with token holders is not remotely close to manageable for the AA?

Spending 5 months thinking up a solution is bad enough, but to do it without input or approval of the token holders that it concerns is ludicrous. What happens if we reject the AA’s unilateral attempts at a ‘solution’? Another 6 months of back and forth waiting for a new one? Years of legal process against individuals as we have seen eluded to in other posts? Or the AA could just reach out and discuss things with all token holders before it gets to that.

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looks like the grift made it in the news

So you have the time to vote for the bonus, but not for the others things. It’s almost looking like a motivation issue.