Aragon Apps development and deployment experience in 2 days of ETHBerlinzwei Hackathon

Hi everyone! During ETHBerlinzwei Hackaton i was working on “Aragon Neighbors” application. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very successful due to unexpected problems. I wrote a small article about that and will be very appreciate for community feedback! Also will be great if someone knows, how to solve issues, described in the article.

Article is here:

This is an application idea:

The “Aragon Neighbors” application is a DAO for ERC721 holders. Each ERC721 token represents a land plot. A separate registry contract tracks each land plot area. This area could be calculated on-chain using geospatial coordinates (in Galt Project we already have such contracts). For simplicity, we decided to implement it as an ownable registry with a simple tokenId => area mapping.

So the idea was to use a land plot area as a reputation for DAO voting. Each token owner creates a personal Locker smart contract and transfers his or her token to that contract. All Locker contracts are registered in the Global Locker registry contract. The Locker contract makes it possible to mint and burn Aragon ERC20 token according to a land plot area in square meters, create voting proposals, and vote with the Locker balance. The user calls the method in Locker, which calls the Global Locker registry. The Global Locker registry has permission to mint and burn the ERC20 Minime tokens. If the ERC721 token is approved by other members of the community (Aragon Voting Contract is allowed to approve tokens in the Global Locker registry), the Locker owner can mint or burn an organization’s tokens according to a token area. The Locker owner must burn all ERC20 in the Locker balance to withdraw the ERC721 token back.

What do you think about this idea?

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