Aragon App for App Request + App invest

An Aragon App where DAOs & individuals can request and invest in Aragon Apps.

  • DAOs & Individuals publish a app request / idea.
  • DAOs & Individuals get as many Dot voting tokens as they have ANT in their wallet
  • DAOs & Individuals vote with their Dots on those request.
  • teams can pick up those request and create a development plan for them
  • teams can create a project on A Kickstarter for Communities
  • DAOs & Individuals can invest in those request / ideas / apps and get tokens in this App.

Some Apps will become stand alone Apps like Uniswap/Maker/Compound etc. which are useful without the integration with Aragon others will only be useful within Aragon.

The Fundraising App could become a stand alone App or the Request App, Dot Voting, time lock (see they have their own token which is valued at $20 m and their services are time released payments, two party swaps & two party payments) etc.