ARAGON ANT : What do you think about it?


Just wanted to know what people here think about ARAGON and ANT token, its value and price increase in future


Hey @johnsmith101. Great question. There’s a few forum posts that might be of interest here:

These are the most recent threads that come to mind, but if you search for “ANT” on this forum there’s a lot more discussions around this topic. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Returning the question to you, however, what do you think about ARAGON and ANT token, its value and price?

Thank you so much for the reply!


Absolutely visionary team with the MOST transparency in all of crypto. If you think DAOs will be a part of the future, Aragon has created a wonderful framework to institute them. They have built something truly unique in the cryptosphere.

The token appreciation will definitely come once the token holders vote on what fees might be introduced to use the Aragon network. The community is smart, mature and very technical and philosophical.

This project is a total under the radar sleeper, as blockchain governance isn’t an overly sexy topic even though it could be one of blockchain tech’s greatest use cases. This token is a great long term hold as crypto grows. vidmate app