Aragon Academy

Aragon Academy

Project Description

Summary of the project

Aragon provides us with the best DAO tools in the world. But let’s face it, Aragon is a complex platform, even for those with deep crypto experience. For Aragon to truly bring freedom to the world, the world needs to understand how to use Aragon products. The vast majority of people in the world have never heard of Ethereum let alone Aragon Chain. They have never had to use metamask or wait for a transaction to be confirmed by the number of block verifications. The whole concept of paying to vote is alien to the 99%. In short, Aragon won’t bring freedom to the world if people don’t know how to use Aragon, crypto or a blockchain - we want to do something about that by launching the Aragon Academy.

Controversially, we intend to launch this in Chinese, in China - one of the most politically repressed countries in the world with over 1.4 billion people.

Aragon Academy is a project initiated by Aragon China DAO which is building Aragon’s oriental ecosystem. Teaching people about at Aragon is not new to us - we’re running classes on Wechat every day at 8pm with Q&As posted in Aragon China forum - Now we want to take it to the next level by rolling out a well structured "Aragon Academy” - a series of courses, tutorials and certifications spread out over 10 levels.

Level 1 would be targeted at complete newbies to Aragon and blockchain in general. It would then progressively get more advanced until reaching level 10 at which point the user would be certified with “Aragon Expert” status. We believe this could play a fundamental role in helping to expand and professionalise the Aragon Expert program.

We would like to work closely with the Aragon core teams to design and build each of the 10 levels to ensure we are effectively capturing key challenges and resources.

Mostly, we want to make learning about Aragon a fun and rewarding experience! On-chain Governance is super cool and the world needs to know about it.

MVP Project Description
This proposal is to build Level 1: Introduction to Aragon. The deliverable will be a website, available in both Chinese and English featuring the following 3 video based courses, each with its own on-chain challenge to ensure the user has understood it correctly.

Level 1: Introduction to Aragon.
Intro to Feature X
Intro to Feature Y
Intro to Feature Z

If a user completes each of these challenges, they will be awarded the Level 1 certification.

Duration and milestones of project

This is a long-term plan, our short-term goals are as follows:

Link(s) to existing repository, website, or MVP (if applicable)






Amount requested: $5K

Ethereum address: 0x9ac9c636404C8d46D9eb966d7179983Ba5a3941A

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used

  • Handled: Funds will be put in Aragon China DAO and managed by all DAO members.

  • Used: Funds will be used in two ways:

    • build the website.

    • invite experts and create videos.