Aragon+ a Retroactive Funding DAO for the Aragon Community

Aragon+ a DAO to create Aragon Client Apps


Aragon+ is a Retroactive Funding DAO with a ANT/ANT+ bonding curve.

  • Aragon+ has a $ pool of 200$ a week for each App.
  • those pools get filled up every week.
  • users who want a feature can donate money to fill up the specific App pool they want to support
  • Donors get ANT+ based on the price function (f(x)= sqrt(x/1,000,000) / f(x) = price in $ / x = current supply of ANT+)
  • ANT+ holders control Aragon+
  • If github issues are solved contributors make payment request to Aragon+
  • If approved Aragon+ will pay the bounty from the pool
  • When feature/milestone is finished ANT+ holders make a proposal to the ANDAO to retro fund the development.
  • If approved by ANTs the ANDAO puts ANT worth the $ it cost to develop this feature in the ANT/ANT+ Bonding curve with the same function f(x)= sqrt(x/1,000,000)

The Task:

  • create a repository for each app request with milestones and issues.
  • each issue has a bounty and all the issues are connected to milestones.
  • first we create milestones and issues for each app.
  • once we figured out the issues we attach bounties in $ to the issues.
  • now everyone can apply for bounties as long as it is not assigned.
  • when a contributor is finished s/he makes a pull request
  • once a pull request got reviewed and merged s/he makes a proposal to the DAO (request money) with the link to the merged/reviewed github issue
  • now ANT+ token holder vote on the proposal
  • if passed the contributor gets paid

What we need:

  • project managers who check proposals and manage the discord with dev questions
  • devs who are familiar with Aragon
    – can create milestone and issues out of a app request and attach bounties to them
    – check pull requests and merge them (edited)


is there sufficient user demand within the network for ongoing app. development? Who is funding the pool weekly?**

there is no time pressure to develop the apps. daos or users who are interested in having such features can fund apps. so first they make an app request. then we create a pool for this app. users can now donate 200$ to this pool and get ant+ tokens for that. with this 200$ we create milestones and issues for the app and put bounties on each issue. we use the 200$ for this work. once the 200$ get depleted they can fund the pool again up to 200$ each week. when they don’t want to support it anymore then the development is on hold until someone wants to fund the pool again. so in a sense ant+ is a proof of work token. Only if issues/bounties get done the pool get less and users then can fund the pool and get ant+ token.

is the 200 to pay for project management /workflow management not development?

Project management is part of app development. so we record all work in github in h and describe what we did and then make a request to the aragon+ dao to get the money for our work
so there are management roles and bounties. management roles have to be voted for in the aragon+ dao so not everyone can do that
but bounties if no one is assigned everyone can do

Is this to develop apps specific to the Aragon Network?


why would people not just apply directly to AN DAO for grants?

if this work the ANDAO would prefer retro fund apps instead of paying in advanced, cause with retro funding you are paying for results not for promises. also its easier and quicker to develop an aragon app instead of applying for funding. another point is that most of the people don’t want to develop an app but just want to use the app, so i just go to the aragon+ dao propose the idea and fund it with some of their money. if other people are also interested we can fund it together. i get ANT+ token for that so once the app is finished i get my money back. (retro funding) perhaps even gain some money cause of the bonding curve structure.

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