AraCartel 🦅 🌶️

Together we stand, but divided we fall. We’re going to be able to do a lot more to make DAOs an unstoppable force for good in the world if we all work together. The first step to make it easy for people to actually use DAOs. While some aspects of DAO onboarding are different from platform to platform, a lot of the basics are the same. The tide raises all boats and generalized (platform agnostic) solutions to improve DAO onboarding will benefit all parties involved.

MetaCartel operates by pooling capital into a MolochDAO and allowing shareholders to vote on how to distribute those funds. This is obviously awesome and Aragon has recently built Dandelion Orgs to allow anyone to do the same with an Aragon DAO. We’re very excited about this. We’ve spun up a Dandelion Org so that we (Aragon, MetaCartel, and maybe you!) can contribute ETH to help improve DAO onboarding for communities.

Beyond the hype, this allows us to leverage our shared capital (financial and human) to support more teams building more awesome stuff. AraCartel will find and support awesome teams working to improve DAO onboarding via products, services, and education materials. Thanks to the Moloch framework, any party can exit at any time. Minimal downside, but a large potential upside due to our combined capital and effort. Yay for positive sum value creation :tada:


FTR here’s the corresponding post on the MetaCartel forum :hot_pepper: :books:

ohhh, that’s awesome! it’s very useful for consortium-type collaboration! great job)