App Mining Submission: Tokens (token-manager)

The Tokens (token-manager) app is used to manage the supply and distribution of an organization’s token. Each installation of the Tokens app manages only one token. Tokens can be used to give different types of powers or rights to members of an organization, such as the power to vote on proposals or the right to receive a share of the organization’s profits.

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For the precedence campaign, we are mocking the dispute creation workflow using the delay app and an Admin account as described Juror Dispute Guide: App Mining. This process has some mechanical steps which have not been automated.

In the case of dispute creation there was an error made during this manual process, specifically the “description” of the disputed action does not match the actual “disputed action”. You can verify this by going to Dispute 11 , clicking on the disputed action link and comparing the description of that action to the description field of the dispute. The address and metadata elements will be different.

Aragon One has submitted a new dispute for the Tokens app mining entry with the proper metadata, but there is no way to adjust the existing dispute now that it has been created. Jurors will need to come to consensus on how to handle this particular situation.


Thanks Luke, I am the Aragon Juror assigned to Dispute #13. One of the conditions of the App Mining agreement is that the app “must not already exist on the registry”. But what constitutes “the registry”? The Juror Dispute Guide does not elucidate this point.

The App Mining Registry is maintained using the Address Book app in the App Mining Registry organization here.

For some additional context, in the court dashboard there are “disputed actions” in this case the disputed action is adding an entry to the registry with specific metadata using the delay app, so if you click that it will take you to the organization and you can see the address book there.

In their final ruling, Aragon Court jurors have voted to Allow the Tokens submission to the App Mining Registry:

Your submission to the App Mining Registry/ Address Book app has now been unpaused: