App Mining Submission: Token Balance Oracle

The Token Balance Oracle app is an ACL Oracle. ACL Oracles are small helper functions that plug in to Aragon’s access control list (ACL) to do more sophisticated permission evaluation. In the context of Dandelion Orgs, the Token Balance Oracle is used to check if an address holds Dandelion Org tokens and is thus a member of the organization. This is done by setting a minimum required balance in the Token Balance Oracle. Then when an account submits the intent to perform an action on an Aragon app function whose ROLE is protected behind this Oracle, the ACL will check with the Oracle if the account has the minimum balance of tokens required. The Token Balance Oracle will return a boolean which can be used to either approve or reject the intent.




Hi @fabriziovigevani, the Aragon Association has received an App Mining Program submission for a “token-balance-oracle” app, and in the Apiary Registry I do see an app called “Token Balance Oracle” however your post here in the forum references an app called “Token Oracle”. Assuming that this is simply an error and not related to a different app, please update the title and body of your submission post to reflect the correct name of the app “Token Balance Oracle” to ensure eligibility.

Hey @light! Was totally an error, updated the title and body accordingly.
Thanks for pointing it out.

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The Token Balance Oracle app has been submitted to Aragon Court for consideration:

In their final ruling, Aragon Court jurors have voted to Allow the Token Balance Oracle submission to the App Mining Registry:

Your submission to the App Mining Registry/ Address Book app has now been unpaused: